Social media creators: New tools just dropped on Instagram



Attention all social media creators: Meta has just released a bundle of new tools that will make it easier than ever to earn money from your content and build a loyal fan base. 


From digital collectibles to audience support and professional mode for Facebook profiles, here’s everything you need to know:


Audience support on Instagram & Facebook


Building a strong community of loyal followers on social media is the ultimate goal for most creators and business owners. Meta is making it easier for users to show how much they appreciate their favourite creators with the following new tools:


1. Instagram Subscriptions


This new feature is the ultimate way to make your followers pay to keep up with you! Just kidding (kind of).


Instagram Subscriptions is a new feature that allows eligible creators to offer exclusive content to their most engaged followers in exchange for a monthly fee. It’s like a VIP club for your most dedicated fans!


2. Sending virtual gifts to creators


New features have been added to the Instagram and Facebook Stars gifting feature. The gist of this feature is that users can purchase virtual Stars and send them to their favourite creators to show their appreciation (and send them one cent per star). 


New additions to this feature are:


  • Stars Party on Instagram Reels: This feature is a community challenge that ends in virtual celebration for the creator and their followers if the creator reaches their goal. 
  • Creator-specific virtual gifts: New animated gifts are being tested for specific types of content. For example, next time you’re watching your favourite cat influencer, you could send them an animated kitty with heart eyes.
  • Prioritizing Stars senders: Comments sent with Stars will now be prioritized to appear at the top of comment threads.
  • Stars for non-video content: Stars can now be sent to creators on photo and text posts.


Facebook Professional Mode


Facebook is introducing a new feature called “Professional Mode” for its profiles, which enables creators to establish a public persona while keeping their personal Facebook experience intact. This feature provides creators with an array of tools and possibilities to begin building a worldwide following from their personal profiles.


By enabling professional mode, creators can qualify to earn revenue from a variety of sources, including Stars, ads on Facebook Reels, in-stream ads and Reels Play. They will also have access to content and audience analytics, as well as educational resources to help them grow their following. 


This feature is ideal for anyone looking to expand their presence on Facebook and become a successful creator.


These new tools are a game-changer for social media creators, offering more opportunities to monetize their content and connect with their audience. With digital collectibles, subscriptions, Stars and gifts, and professional mode for Facebook profiles, creators can now build a thriving business on Instagram and Facebook.


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