Exceptional content and provable results are our core philosophies behind our work. Our experienced crew specializes in strategy, social media, SEO and marketing to provide a well-rounded service to brands in Vancouver, Canada and global markets.

We’re endlessly motivated by earning our clients more brand mentions, more engagement and more revenue.

Here’s an overview of our most popular services.

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what we offer

Creation of a comprehensive report auditing your brand’s social media efforts to date, providing a strategic direction for future social media marketing tactics and a competitive analysis. Included is one in-person strategy session with your team.
We audit which posts work well and not so well for your brand, which audiences respond best to your social media, and where opportunities might lie.
Within the strategy section of the report, we identify goals and KPIs for your social media marketing, identify your ideal customer avatar and assess how they respond to social media, and provide an outline of your social media marketing messages and content for the next 12 months.
In addition, we create a competitive analysis that examines your competition, and accounts with a similar audience to yours. We analyze which content types, messages and CTAs receive the best response, in order to use this as a key learning tool in all of our work going forward.
Toward the end of the process, we meet with your team in person for one session of up to 2 hours to present our findings, discuss your feedback on our findings, and edit the document as needed to present a final report to you.

Our team organizes and effectuates a scheduled photo shoot each month, using your products. For most clients, we produce approximately 30 images each month for use on your social media channels.
This service includes:
– providing strategic recommendations on visual elements of your social media marketing
– preparing monthly shot lists and inspiration briefs to direct your creative asset creation
– critically assessing customer motivations and responses to visual assets
– curating fresh, current, and engaging visual content with brand-aligned images where original photography does not apply.

Our social media management service is an all-inclusive plan that covers:
– content calendar creation
– scheduling and posting of your content
– community management and engagement
– contest management (up to 1 contest per month)
– Instagram account growth
Our basic service includes posting to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Stories are the primary way that Instagram users consume content, so having Stories content is essential.
Your Instagram Stories can include custom content, interactive posts, user-generated content or contest posts, and manage comments and engagement on your Stories.
Applicable Stories content will also be added to your Instagram Story Highlights.
This is where we have fun with your followers, posting polls, Q&As, sliding scales, and other new features developed by Instagram.

Influencers are key to generating social proof of your businesses, which drives brand awareness, reputation and sales. Our influencer campaign management applies to Instagram and YouTube primarily, but can also involve bloggers. Deliverables include:
– ongoing identification and vetting of potential influencers, up to 8 candidates per month
– sending these influencers accounts and promotion details to your team for review/approval, with our notes and recommendations
– coordinating the approved influencer campaigns, including setting up photo shoot times and locations, influencer requirements (# of photos, tagging/hashtagging requirements, visual guidelines, etc.)
– handling community management on influencer posts (responding to comments, questions, etc.)
– reporting on outcomes at the end of each month

Your monthly social media report shows a summary of the activity on your social media accounts, including account growth and engagement rates, high-performing posts, contest outcomes, influencer content, and a summary of your monthly ads and budget.

Includes ad copywriting and creative selection for conversion-driven advertising campaigns, as well as management of boosted posts. Your media buy budget is in addition to our management price listed here, and will be determined with your input.
We offer two levels of service:
1. a basic advertising service, which includes traffic campaigns, boosted posts, local awareness campaigns and brand promotions
2. an advanced service, targeted toward conversions, lead generations and other, more advanced advertising goals
Our team is highly experienced with the Facebook/Instagram ad platform, and Google App Downloads Campaigns.

It takes a village to properly market your brand. We work well with your internal marketing team or other external contractors you engage. In some cases, this requires project management on our part. We can also discuss services not listed above that may apply to your business’ online marketing needs. If you have ideas in mind for your social media marketing, let us know so we can help you best!

how it works



“Erin runs our website and blog. Our SEO has seen improvement since she took over, many leads that come in say they found us searching the internet.”

Shira Rosenberg, Draft On Site Services

“For any social media needs, Legendary is a massive help and will give you an advantage over your competition, but they’re also multi-talented and can help with all sorts of aspects of your business or project. Strongly recommend!”

“Working with Erin was an absolute pleasure. She is smart, savvy and efficient and her outgoing personality shines through her work. She is very responsive to any questions or issues that you might have – something that I appreciate greatly!! I would hire Erin again in a heartbeat.”

“Erin’s knowledge of blogging and social media landscape is mind boggling. She is a true expert. I’m so looking forward to working with her and watch my business skyrocket. Go and talk to her now. You won’t regret it, plus she is such an awesome person!”

“Legendary Social Media has helped our company grow in so many ways, a few words could not explain it. Our company has expanded production and has doubled its productivity practically overnight. When it comes to web design, Google PPC and advertising, Legendary Social Media has mastered this science! We strongly recommend them to new businesses and thriving ones as well. Can’t thank you guys enough for the great work!”

Paul Reynel-Gracia, PRG Payday Loans

“Erin’s writing is just what we were looking for. Her tone is quite different from other writers we’ve come across because she really speaks to the audience we’re going for. She understands what we’re trying to achieve with our site and knows how to help us get there.”

Matt Danison,

“I opened SOJI in September and Legendary Social Media has helped me from the start. My Facebook and Instagram have grown really fast, and we get awesome engagement on all of our social media! Legendary responds to any comments or questions quickly, which makes my customers happy. They even helped create and run a scavenger hunt to launch the opening of my store. These guys really know what they’re doing!”

Ariel Chao, SOJI

“Erin is amazing!! I have been working with Legendary for almost a year and could not be happier with the work that comes out of this boutique social media company. Highly recommend them to any and everyone looking for community management, copywriting, mentoring or all of the above!!”

Sabrina Allen, Stone Fox Hair

“I would highly recommend Legendary to help you with your social media needs. They helped me with Facebook ads and I have seen amazing results. The ads we created have brought in many new clients and I am thrilled!”


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