Five social media marketing sins to avoid

In the age of social media marketing, it’s vital to keep your online game on point!

So why do companies of all sizes, even corporate juggernauts, keep screwing it up? Um, they don’t work with us, of course! Seriously, though, they clearly don’t have someone in their corner with the knowledge and expertise to make sure they avoid these 5 common social media marketing sins!

The 5 common social media marketing sins to avoid

1. Ignoring your audience

Social media marketing is all about building a following, AKA an audience. As you build that audience, your followers are going to start having expectations about your content. For example, if you’re a vegan chef who posts recipes, your followers are probably going to expect them to be vegan too. Start posting tons of steak related content and you might just find your followers disappearing faster than cupcakes at a kids birthday party!  

2. Forgetting your brand

Brand is at the core of social media marketing, but the term’s gotten a bit of a bad rap these days. Why is that? Because the idea of branding has been twisted! Today, people often think branding is about manipulating customers and that a brand is a false image of a company. But that’s not what a brand is supposed to be at all! In fact, we like to think of it as the opposite! To us, a brand is supposed to be the true essence of a business, kind of like the company’s personality. Just like you want to be true to yourself and your personality, you want to make sure your company is true to itself – and its brand!

3. Plagiarizing

There’s a lot of great content on the net – and it’s easy to get social media marketing envy. No matter how cool a piece of content is, though, don’t steal it! Not only could you face serious legal issues if you do, but you could really turn your audience off. What about using other people’s content as inspiration? That’s fine… as long as you’re giving the proper credit to the source of the inspiration.

4. Faking it

Social media is all about authenticity. Just like your brand should reflect your business’ essence, your social media marketing should be open and real. What does this mean? First and foremost, it means… be yourself! Nobody likes you telling them what you think they want to hear – and they always know you’re doing it. So don’t!

5. Failing to prepare

The biggest social media marketing mistakes generally happen during moments of crisis. A company responds to an issue or a news story – and they shove their foot right in their mouths. How do you avoid their mistakes? Have policies in place around your social media. Consider having templates for apologies and plans for what to do in case of a business issue. As for news stories, when in doubt, wait to post. It’s better to wait a few hours than to make a major faux pas online.

The best thing you can do for your social media marketing…

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