Social Media Photography Tips for Medical Aesthetics Clinics

Shooting in a medical aesthetics clinic isn’t like most lifestyle shoots. When we shoot social media photos for medical aesthetics clinics, space is usually confined, lighting can be tricky, and setting up the shoot locations can be time-consuming due to equipment and working with models. 

Our in-house photographer Kat recently shot for two aesthetic clinic clients – Halcyon Cosmetic in Port Moody, and Fraser Medical Aesthetics in Maple Ridge. Here are Kat’s top social media photography tips: 

Be consistent.  

Consistency is KEY to shooting medical aesthetic clinics, and here are some things that can play into consistency to think about: 

  • Lighting
  • Background
  • Focal Length
  • Distance from Camera
  • Model Pose
  • Equipment


When it comes to lighting, you want the focus to be on the patient’s skin to showcase the effectiveness of the treatment they received. Therefore, lighting should be bright enough to show the natural skin and texture, but not so bright that it makes the skin look unnatural or filtered. 

More tips for lighting: 

  • Eliminate shadows as you can as they can be distracting or distorting. Especially when you’re taking before and after shots, shadows can cause features like scars to appear darker than they really are.
  • Avoid soft, flattering light that doesn’t pick up on skin texture. 


If possible, use the same shooting location and background every time you take before & after shots. If you aren’t able to secure a consistent background, consider investing in a backdrop to achieve similar results.


Depending on what the focus is on (eyes, lips, face), your angles may change. However, for each focus, we recommend shooting all of the before and after photos at a similar angle every time.

  • Keep the focal length and distances from the camera the same in every photo. 
  • If your models are standing for the photos, you can use floor tape to mark the floor to indicate where they should stand. You can do the same for setting up your tripod as well

Check out the photos on our client Halcyon Comsetic’s feed:  

Halcyon Cosmetic Instagram Feed - Legendary Social Media Vancouver


You can shoot at the perfect angles, with the perfect lighting and background, but if you have a low-resolution camera, you won’t be able to demonstrate the benefits of the medical aesthetic treatments with enough detail to make an impact. Therefore, consider investing in a high-resolution and dependable DSLR camera. Choose a lens that will be able to take photos showing skin conditions. 

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