6 tips for high-performing blog posts in 2022

6-tips-for-high-performing-blog-posts-in-2022 - legendary social media vancouver

Blogging is a great way to connect and engage with your audience!  The content in your blog posts can also establish your brand, improve your website’s SEO and be reused as content for social media.  Here are our top 6 blog writing tips for 2022:  1. Write a clickable headline The first thing your audience […]

What is influencer marketing (and how does it work?)

what is influencer marketing vancouver - legendary social media

People (especially Millennials and Gen Z) are becoming immune to traditional advertising. Still advertising on TV? No one’s watching. Still buying ads in magazines? No one’s reading them. Still creating banner ads and pop-ups online? No one’s clicking on them (or even seeing them thanks to ad blockers). So how can your business talk to […]