6 tips for high-performing blog posts in 2022

6-tips-for-high-performing-blog-posts-in-2022 - legendary social media vancouver

Blogging is a great way to connect and engage with your audience!  The content in your blog posts can also establish your brand, improve your website’s SEO and be reused as content for social media.  Here are our top 6 blog writing tips for 2022:  1. Write a clickable headline The first thing your audience […]

How often should you blog for SEO?

how often should you blog for seo vancouver - legendary social media vancouver

Starting a blog is hard work. First, you need to think about what to write, and then you need to consider how you are going to promote your content. But you can’t just post once and then leave your readers hanging. The secret to operating a successful blog is posting on a consistent and regular […]

Client Feature: Benchmark Law

Benchmark Law - Legendary Social Media

We LOVE our clients! And the rollercoaster of a ride that is 2020 has really made us appreciate them that much more.  Today we’re shining a spotlight on Benchmark Law Corporation who has now been a client of ours for well over 2 years.  The work we do for Benchmark includes: Website redesign (in progress) […]

Client Feature: Pollock Clinics

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A client for nearly 2 years, Pollock Clinics is the leading vasectomy and circumcision provider in BC, and has recently expanded its line of top-tier services to include men’s sexual health treatments.  We are proud to provide Pollock Clinics with social management on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Instagram There is a lot to learn about […]

Social Media Client Feature: The Mamatrainer

The Mamatrainer Client Feature - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

You know how much we love our clients! Today we’re sending mad love to a client who has been working with us since May 2019 – The Mamatrainer. This company holds a special place in our hearts as The Mamatrainer been training our fearless leader, Erin, since before she had her second baby back in […]

7 ways to use social media to promote your Vancouver business

social media vancouver - legendary social media vancouver

We get that you want your social media in Vancouver to actually help promote your business. But how do you make that happen? We could feed you a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but we’d rather give you some good old fashioned straight-up advice. So here’s what you need to know. 7 ways to use social […]

6 ways your small business can use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories - legendary social media vancouver

Instagram Stories to the rescue! Have you noticed that your business’ Instagram isn’t getting the same response it used to? Or that photos from days earlier are first on your feed? If you’re at a loss for what to do with your next upload, don’t panic. Just scroll up to the top of your feed. […]

What is influencer marketing (and how does it work?)

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People (especially Millennials and Gen Z) are becoming immune to traditional advertising. Still advertising on TV? No one’s watching. Still buying ads in magazines? No one’s reading them. Still creating banner ads and pop-ups online? No one’s clicking on them (or even seeing them thanks to ad blockers). So how can your business talk to […]

Does more copy (text) on your website mean better SEO?

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It surprises many of our clients, but Vancouver SEO awesomeness is one of the things we do best here at Legendary. Today I wanted to talk about website content, and how it affects your SEO. A few years ago, I was asked by a hotel client to write new website copy for them. They wanted […]

A FREE SEO blogging template for you to steal

free seo blog template by legendary social media vancouver

Guys, finding free templates for the stuff you really need to use for your online marketing is HARD. I mean, everyone wants your email address in exchange for a template. That sucks. We want you to nail it when it comes to content marketing and SEO blogging. So guess what? We’re giving you our awesome, […]