How often should you blog for SEO?

Starting a blog is hard work. First, you need to think about what to write, and then you need to consider how you are going to promote your content. But you can’t just post once and then leave your readers hanging. The secret to operating a successful blog is posting on a consistent and regular basis. But how often should you be posting if you’re looking to boost your website’s SEO? Let us break it down…

How frequently should you blog for SEO?

The answer to this question is: it depends on what’s best for your company. 

Smaller businesses may find success posting only a few times per week, whereas larger companies may have the capability to push out daily posts. The main factor you should keep in mind is consistency. Find a schedule that is feasible for your business and stick to it. 

Keeping to a schedule when blogging is important for two reasons:

1. It helps build organic traffic by boosting your website’s SEO

Blogging is important for SEO if you want to increase visits to your website. By regularly creating SEO friendly blog posts, your website will make the climb towards Google’s page one for the keywords you are targeting. The higher you rank, the more likely people will find your website and visit it. 

2. It increases brand awareness

Every blog post you write has the chance to improve not only SEO but awareness of your brand, so make sure that you’re always producing high-quality content. Including relevant images and keywords will help you build your brand and establish credibility.

Try to think of the ways each and every blog post can showcase your brand and help to define your company’s voice. 

How to set your blog posting schedule to improve your SEO

If you’re in a hurry to massively increase your website’s traffic, we’d recommend posting as often as you and/or your team has the bandwidth for, without sacrificing quality. 

If your time is limited, your company’s niche is small, or you’re satisfied with growing at a slower pace, you may want to consider posting only once or twice a week or even once a month. 

If you’re preparing to launch a new product or service, you may want to consider increasing your posting schedule to generate buzz. 

When it comes to actually outlining a schedule, we recommend creating a monthly blog plan where you can decide on topics and keywords ahead of time. This will make writing your blogs easier and give you a clear idea of what you need to do to stay on track. This is the process our team at Legendary Social Media takes for our internal SEO, and it’s gotten us to Page 1 of Google 3 years running.


Starting a blog and keeping it consistent may seem burdensome, but since it isn’t an exact science, you just need to figure out what works best for your business. Looking for an easier way to improve your SEO and produce consistent blogs? Consider working with a company that specializes in just that! 

Ready to get started? Contact us and tell us about your business, your blog and your SEO goals and we’ll create a customized blogging plan just for you.

Client Feature: Benchmark Law

We LOVE our clients! And the rollercoaster of a ride that is 2020 has really made us appreciate them that much more. 

Today we’re shining a spotlight on Benchmark Law Corporation who has now been a client of ours for well over 2 years. 

The work we do for Benchmark includes:

  • Website redesign (in progress)
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn updates
  • Social media management
  • Two SEO blogs per month 

Benchmark is one of the top small business law firms in BC and is referred by Small Business BC. We can also testify to their brilliance, professionalism and knowledge as Legendary is a client of theirs too! 

Making small business law accessible and approachable

Benchmark Law is dedicated to helping small business owners tackle their legal matters in a more accessible and understandable way. They’re incredibly passionate about corporate and commercial services. Supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their business is at the heart and soul of their work. They can help with: 

  • Business start-ups
  • Contracts and documents
  • Selling or buying a company
  • Incorporation
  • Maintaining your company (share issues, partnership changes or reorganizations etc)

 They have also recently added Business Disputes and Wills & Estates to their list of services. 

How Benchmark Law helped business owners during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dana Gordon, the owner and senior counsel at  Benchmark Law, provided much-needed information and clarity for small business owners in BC. She wrote about commercial leases, as well as providing government resources to help guide small businesses through these uncertain economic times. Resources that our agency also found helpful! 

Thank you to Dana and the rest of the team at Benchmark Law for working with us over the past few years! We look forward to many more. 


Client Feature: Pollock Clinics

A client for nearly 2 years, Pollock Clinics is the leading vasectomy and circumcision provider in BC, and has recently expanded its line of top-tier services to include men’s sexual health treatments. 

We are proud to provide Pollock Clinics with social management on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 


There is a lot to learn about men’s sexual health and new research is coming out daily! Between symptoms and personal case studies we’ve curated The Pollock Clinics Instagram to be informative but approachable (just like them!). This includes valuable information about men and family health and wellness alongside family-focused, inviting imagery. 


The Pollock Clinics Facebook is also curated to be educational and informative. Dr. Pollock and his team are thought leaders in the industry and we want all of Vancouver to know! Making sure clients are well informed is important to Dr. Pollock, so they can rest assured that they are in trusted hands. We’ve researched, written, published and read just about every men’s health, family and relationship-related and share relevant articles, ensuring that all clients are well prepared and kept up to date with all the insider news they need. 


Why Pollock Clinics is leading this industry

Dr. Pollock in his team are renowned in their industry and changing medicine with innovative new technologies. Their clinic invented two very seamless, quick and painless methods of vasectomy and circumcision. Pollock Clinics’ no-scalpel vasectomy heals much faster than the traditional method, is less invasive and requires no stitches. Using the Shang Ring method, their circumcision procedures are available for both adults and infants and can be performed in less than an hour for adults and less than 60 seconds for infants.  With a focus on giving men back the sex life they deserve, Dr. Pollock and his team now offer a handful of services to improve the sexual lives of patients with erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency and much more.

They are truly thought leaders in their industry and committed to improving the quality of life for families in Vancouver and abroad! 

Dr. Pollock and his partner Dr. Chang have both done educational work in countries like Haiti, Turkey, China, and Rwanda, lecturing on their cutting edge technology and speaking about the importance of family planning. 

Their reliable service, warm and friendly environments and 24/7 aftercare access have made Pollock Clinics the leading provider for men’s medical treatments in Vancouver and New Westminster with little no wait times and appointments available within a couple of days.

Pollock Clinics aims to ensure a personalized and private experience and have become the leading provider for circumcision for adult men. Every procedure is done in-house at one of their two locations where the staff ensures every client is welcomed and taken care of in a warm, friendly, knowledge-rich environment. 


Read about our other clients who we are thrilled to work with, here: 

Waves Coffee
The Facial Room
The Mamma Trainer

Social Media Client Feature: The Mamatrainer

You know how much we love our clients! Today we’re sending mad love to a client who has been working with us since May 2019 – The Mamatrainer. This company holds a special place in our hearts as The Mamatrainer been training our fearless leader, Erin, since before she had her second baby back in March! Now, we get to share a bit more about this awesome company that helps new mamas feel their best. 

Putting the spotlight on our social media client, The Mamatrainer 

The Mamatrainer is run by Kinesiologist and certified pre and postnatal coach, Claire Gray. Born and raised in Vancouver, Claire has always had a passion for helping new mamas. She gets just how hard it can be to look after your health and fitness after having a baby. 

That’s why Claire provides in-home prenatal and postpartum fitness sessions, small group training, and online nutritional consultations. She designs custom nutrition and workout plans for her clients. 

Most importantly, Claire helps make sure new mamas aren’t too hard on themselves. She gives plenty of support and encouragement to help make sure her clients keep a positive mindset rather than judging themselves. It’s no wonder Claire’s clients call The Mamatrainer a godsend! 

The social media work we do for The Mamatrainer 

One: Social media styling  

Once we had Claire’s SEO plan and website in place, we moved on to more long-term tasks. The first one is styling. We handle the style for The Mamatrainer’s Instagram feed. We make sure that all the images that are posted pop – and that there’s a good variety of images on the feed at all times. 

Two: Caption writing 

We’re not just all about the images. We also take care of the captions for The Mamatrainer’s social media posts. We make sure posts are encouraging and promote the values Claire brings to her work. All posts are fun or inforformative (and sometimes both!). 

Three: SEO 

When we first started working with Claire, we noticed that her online presence wasn’t search engine optimized. Our first task was to change that. So we did a big SEO keyword research project, putting together a list of keywords that are right for The Mamatrainer. Then we took those keywords and revamped the company’s website to make it SEO friendly. 

Four: Blogging

We run Claire’s blog too. We suggest topics that we can SEO and that’ll appeal to The Mamatrainer’s target audience. Each blog captures Claire’s voice, allowing potential clients to see her personality and fall in love with her personality and work. 


We are so happy that we get to work with The Mamatrainer. Thanks for letting us help you connect with new and soon-to-be mamas! 

7 ways to use social media to promote your Vancouver business

We get that you want your social media in Vancouver to actually help promote your business.

But how do you make that happen?

We could feed you a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but we’d rather give you some good old fashioned straight-up advice.

So here’s what you need to know.

7 ways to use social media in Vancouver to promote your business

1. Insta-contests

Instagram contests are all the rage now. And why wouldn’t they be? Your followers can win great prizes while having fun!

Not sure what kind of contest to run? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of three of our favourites to get you started!

2. Ads

Ads can be effective if you run them in the right way. If you are going to run ads on social media platforms in Vancouver, focus on Instagram and Facebook. These are the only two platforms that are likely to give you the response you’re looking for.

Also, make sure the ads are engaging (that means: interesting enough to comment on, like or share). There’s no point in getting something in front of people if it’s not engaging enough to them to pay attention to!

3. Polls

If you spend any time Grammin’, you’ve likely seen the huge jump in Instagram polls. Everyone’s polling people about something!

Why? Because polls increase engagement. It can be hard to get people to comment on posts; but, when you put up a poll, followers want to have their say.

Not sure what to poll? It can be as simple as “which do you like better: vacation or staycation?”

Spoiler alert: they’re both awesome!

4. Get personal

Your followers want to feel that you’re engaging with them – not just marketing to them. The best way to foster that feeling is to get real.

Do “behind the scenes” videos for a new product or a selfie video for your Instagram Story. Share a personal piece of information. Just be authentic.

Followers can tell when you’re faking “realness”.  

5. Use influencers

We know working with influencers can sound scary and expensive. But hey, we’re not talking about the Kardashians here.

If you’re focused on your social media in Vancouver, look for micro-influences. They are easier – and cheaper – to team up with, and can help promote your business to an engaged, local audience.

6. Engage with brand advocates

You may already have brand advocates advertising for you without you even knowing! People love talking about brands they love (and hate) on their social media.

Keep an eye out for these posts and, if you find them, repost them! You’re basically getting free promotion and a genuine, personal testimonial. Who wouldn’t want that?

Plus, once your followers realize you repost their content, they’ll be more likely to talk about you even more.  

7. Poke fun… at yourself!

Social media is supposed to be fun, so try not to take yourself too seriously. We’re not suggesting that you do something like… going streaking if you’re a lawyer. Just that you poke some brand-appropriate fun – even gently – at yourself from time to time. Doing this will make your brand feel approachable and relatable.

Need some inspo?

Check out Wendy’s on Twitter.

And the reigning champ, Denny’s.


Overwhelmed with all this? We know promoting your business through your social media in Vancouver can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. But that’s what we’re here for! Let us handle your social media – so you can take care of your business!

6 ways your small business can use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories to the rescue!

Have you noticed that your business’ Instagram isn’t getting the same response it used to?

Or that photos from days earlier are first on your feed?

If you’re at a loss for what to do with your next upload, don’t panic. Just scroll up to the top of your feed.

Your new weapon of choice is staring right back at you with a pink halo. Instagram Stories are a tool that can save your brand by allowing you to interact with your followers in new and exciting ways!

Skyrocket your Vancouver social media’s success with these 10 ways to dominate Instagram Stories

1. Expand your reach

Quality over quantity isn’t always the case in the wild west of stories. It seems that the more you post, the more often your Story appears first for your followers. So where do you begin? To prevent disappearing from your followers’ feeds (thanks to the new algorithm) upload Stories to remind them you’re there!

Use stickers and text to shake things up aesthetically and don’t forget that #hashtags count on Stories, too. By using hashtags and geotagging your location, your content can more easily gain traction from those who don’t follow you…yet! Using these features can give your content hundreds of extra views.

2. Post with purpose

Uploading often on Instagram Stories can boost you up in the ranks, but make sure there’s a purpose each time you publish!

New shipment of plaid shirts in your boutique?

Different hours for your tasting room tomorrow night?

Holding a theme night at your bar?  

Often, showing people a behind the scenes look at your business is a great purpose for your Stories. Let your followers get to know you personally, so show your face! Take a fun selfie and share it as a Story.

*Tip: Does your business already have over 10k followers? You can insert a link that they can swipe up to access right from your Story! Not only is this a great way to share extra content, but it also saves your followers time.*

3. Show your personality

It’s hard to avoid colour-coordinated themes scheduled to perfection on Instagram feeds these days. But all of this focus on perfection can sometimes lead to people forgetting about the beings behind the brand.

Use your Instagram Stories to show the human side of your business!

One perk to uploading to Instagram Stories is that it takes no time at all. It’s a medium that inspires in-the-moment creativity. For example, introducing your staff’s personality with a Boomerang video can gain you more than views.

Turn another faceless follow into a regular local customer who already has formed a deeper connection with your business.

4. Instagram Story Highlights are key

Instagram Story Highlights can help take your Instagram to the next level! This new feature can really elevate your company’s social media success… but it does require some strategy.

You may notice when you click on someone’s profile that they have pinned Stories. A regular Instagram Story will expire after 24 hours but highlights live directly on your profile for as long as you choose. You can use them to feature recipes, an event you hosted, menu items, sale updates or even as a way to expand your bio and introduce your business. How you use Highlights to work around your specific brand is up to you.

5. Build relationships with a tag or repost

Right now, we can’t repost Instagram Stories from our followers like we can regular photos (though rumour has it that this feature is on its way). For now, you can screenshot someone else’s Instagram Story or photo they tagged you in and manually tag them when uploading to your Story. While this is a little extra work, it really does go a long way!

Let’s say you’re a yoga studio and a new member just joined. They uploaded an awesome Story saying they loved your candlelight freedom flow. You then re-share their experience to show your followers an authentic interaction with your brand.

The more you engage with, recognize and appreciate your customers, the more they will do the same to your business.

Plus the more engagement your prospective customers see, the more likely they will want to engage with your business, too.

6. Instagram Story ads

This feature is a baby – born in January of 2017, businesses could place an ad within Instagram Stories! One of the biggest perks of Instagram Stories ads is that they blend in with other users’ Stories. These ads are great for generating brand awareness and attracting website sales. However, there are few things to consider first when constructing an Instagram Stories ad:

  • Make your ad in a vertical format.
  • You can either choose to post a 15-second video, or a photo.
  • If you go with a single photo, bold images with simple text may perform best!
  • If a video is more in your company’s taste, ensure it is quick to the punch and self-explanatory for best results.
  • Ensure that your ad stands out and informs the user about your business efficiently.

To create an Instagram Stories ad, simply connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page (you do not need to convert to an Instagram Business account in order to do this) and use the ad creation tools on Facebook to put your ad together.

The more most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to using Instagram Stories for your small business it to have fun!

It’s Instagram’s world, we’re all just living in it. Social media in Vancouver is always evolving, so how will your business keep up? Try out Instagram Stories – and watch your engagement and reach flourish.

Need direction in your social media strategy? Contact the social media wizards at Legendary Social Media Vancouver. We’d love to help your business in the ever-changing landscape of social media.

What is influencer marketing (and how does it work?)

People (especially Millennials and Gen Z) are becoming immune to traditional advertising.

Still advertising on TV? No one’s watching.

Still buying ads in magazines? No one’s reading them.

Still creating banner ads and pop-ups online? No one’s clicking on them (or even seeing them thanks to ad blockers).

So how can your business talk to customers? How can you tell people the benefits of what you’ve created when they’re working so hard to, essentially, ignore you?

The solution lies in using social media, and specifically “influencer marketing”, which is a social media marketing technique. The goal of influencer marketing is to get your product or brand in front of people who want to buy from you. If you want to reach those under the age of 35, aka the most valuable demographic, then you’ll need to play by their rules.

Here’s how it’s done.

Who are influencers?

Influencers have been around for decades. Traditionally actors, athletes, models, and musicians have been featured in ads in order to equate their image with that of the brand they were promoting.

Think David Beckham and Armani. Britney Spears and Pepsi.

While most traditional celebrities are certainly still considered influencers, social media has created new channels for people seeking fame. Nowadays everyone has a chance at creating followings of thousands of people online.

Once a person has amassed a dedicated group of followers that regularly interact with them online, they can be considered an influencer.

How does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing really grew out of online reviews. If someone online says that a product is good or terrible, that will certainly influence the people that read that review.

On social media, if someone’s trusted and followed by thousands of people, they can hold a lot of influence. If that influencer then says that your product is fantastic, that can result in higher brand awareness and sales.

By aligning your brand with an influencer whose personal brand aligns with yours, it brings a more personal element to your advertising efforts. Instead of shoving an ad in someone’s face, you are simply showing that your product is part of a certain lifestyle.

How to find the right influencer

When searching for an influencer to work with, you can either choose to seek one out on your own or there are many companies, such as Legendary Social Media Vancouver, that will do the matchmaking for you.

To find the right influencer for your brand, keep these things in mind:

  • Ensure that the influencer 100% aligns with your brand’s core values.
  • Do their followers fall in your brand’s target market?
  • You’ll want to find someone with 1,000+ followers that regularly like and comment on their posts. There’s no point in working with someone who gets low engagement, no matter how many followers they have.
  • Find an influencer that matches your brand’s aesthetic. Both YouTube and Instagram are such visual platforms, and if your products don’t fit in seamlessly with the influencers’ look, the end result will come across as disjointed, sloppy, and forced.
  • Do they post on a regular basis?
  • Watch out for Instagram pods. This is a false type of engagement, used by instagrammers to grow and nurture their account, but the people commenting aren’t buyers – they’re virtual friends of the influencer. This practice can be tricky to spot, but if you notice that the same people are always the ONLY ones commenting on an instagrammers post, then they may be using a pod. Look for a wide variety of commenters on each post.

To actually search for influencers, start by looking through your brand’s existing social media followers. It’ll always be easier to come to an arrangement with someone who already likes what your brand has to offer. Beyond that, you can use google to find local bloggers that fall within your target market or search Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

When you find an influencer that you want to work with, you’ll want to offer something in the way of compensation, be it free products, promo codes, or a flat fee per post. Keep in mind, that the bigger the influencer’s audience is, the more they’ll likely charge.

What are the rules for using influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has been a hot topic this year. From the disaster of Fyre Festival to the report that was released stating that 93% of sponsored posts on Instagram did not clearly disclose that they were, in fact, advertisements. To keep your brand out of hot water, it’s good to note some of the rules and changing attitudes associated with this practice.

In order to properly disclose that a post is, in fact, being sponsored by your brand, ensure that the hashtag #ad is part of the caption and that it’s easy to spot. Simply tagging your brand in the post is not enough.

Back in June Instagram released a blog post about the coming changes to how influencer marketing will soon work on the platform, which includes adding a clear “paid partnership” tag at the top of posts and enhanced analytics for influencers and brands that use this tag.

As things change we’ll keep this blog up-to-date, but keep in mind that these rules apply more for the Kylie Jenner set than for local brands and micro-influencers (those with a following of around one to five thousand people).

Looking for an influencer in Vancouver?

Remember that no matter how big your business is, influencer marketing can help drive brand awareness and sales when done properly and strategically. If you’re looking to connect with a social media influencer, contact Legendary Social Media Vancouver, we’ll help you find the perfect match for your brand.

Does more copy (text) on your website mean better SEO?

It surprises many of our clients, but Vancouver SEO awesomeness is one of the things we do best here at Legendary. Today I wanted to talk about website content, and how it affects your SEO.

A few years ago, I was asked by a hotel client to write new website copy for them. They wanted 3,000 words per page, and there were easily 25 pages to write.

25 x 3,000 = 75,000 words

That’s insane. Who’s going to read that much?

The theory was that more words means better SEO for their website. But even back then, the theory was but a myth. Google was already getting more savvy at ranking websites well when they have GOOD content, rather than MORE content.


Is more content better for your Vancouver SEO?

I came across this article in Search Engine Journal this afternoon. The first section of it was fascinating: the writer suggests experimenting with deleting pages, and therefore trimming back on the content or copy, of your website, to see if your SEO improves.

I love the concept.

Not only do visitors to your website like a streamlined site that’s easy to navigate, but this article suggests that by trimming the number of pages on your website and focusing on the highest quality content only, you could see some major SEO gains.


Nope, less is more

Poor quality content might actually hurt your SEO. So if you have some pages that rank well, and some that don’t, your overall SEO score could be reduced.

He’s a bit gimmicky, but Neil Patel’s blog about writing copy for SEO really nails the concept: Write for your audience first. Then consider your SEO.

It’s more important to have people spend time on, and click on the components of your website, than have a bunch of random people land on your site, but take no action there.

Doing it this way will get you a better Google rank than your competitors. Plus website visitors who understand and trust you, and buy from you.


Need Vancouver SEO help?

We offer some pretty unique, custom services to our small business clients here in Vancouver, including SEO options. We love writing blogs that have SEO in mind, but are researched and written to help your website visitors learn about you, or solve a problem.

We can also do an analysis of your website and help you get to a more user-friendly state, to increase the number of people who contact or buy from you.

Or maybe you just want the text on your website rewritten? We do that too, primarily to communicate your message effectively to your visitors, but also with SEO in mind.

Send us a quick note if that sounds awesome!

A FREE SEO blogging template for you to steal

Guys, finding free templates for the stuff you really need to use for your online marketing is HARD. I mean, everyone wants your email address in exchange for a template.

That sucks. We want you to nail it when it comes to content marketing and SEO blogging. So guess what? We’re giving you our awesome, virtually fail-proof SEO blogging template here.

We don’t want your email address. We just want you to crush it.

Why content marketing?

Everybody wants to make it onto Page 1 of Google – but earning a coveted spot is cutthroat competitive. One of the most surefire ways to make it to the top is with SEO blogging – that’s how we did it!

Seriously! Search “social media Vancouver” right now!

How many posts you need to write each week depends on your industry. For some, once a week will be enough, whereas for others five or six might be necessary. Hubspot wrote the most awesome guide to tell you how often you should blog.

It’s easy to get off topic when blogging. Follow these few steps BEFORE you start writing to make sure your blog stays short, sweet, on topic and most importantly SEO friendly.


Before starting your blog use these steps to create a blog roadmap


Step 1: Choose your target keywords for the blog

What is the main topic you’re covering in this blog? If you’re a personal trainer, you might want to write a blog about fat loss.

To choose the right target keyword, think about what people would type into Google to find you blog. In our personal trainer’s case, my target audience might search for “lose fat.” So I’m going to set “lose fat” as my target keyword.

I might also choose a secondary keyword for the blog. This could be “personal trainer Vancouver” or “nutrition coach Vancouver”.


Step 2. Write your headline – make sure it includes your primary target keyword!

Hubspot (again) has the ultimate guide to doing this well. Then, use this stats-based guide to write more interesting headlines.


Step 3. Choose at least one image for the blog.

Upload it to your website, then fill in the Alt Text for it. Include your primary target keyword, as well two or three additional keywords that apply to the image, your blog, or your website (eg. “best ways to lose fat, personal trainer vancouver”).


Step 4. Write your H2s.

We recommend writing two or three H2s per blog. Each H2 should include your keyword! To read more about H1s and H2s, check out our article on header best practices.



Use this free SEO blogging template for your website


With the steps above, you now have a roadmap for your blog! Just fill in the blanks!


Here’s your template to copy and paste into a Word document (or Google Docs). Just change up the text as you write your own blog!



Intro paragraph goes here… two or three sentences. Put in your website’s main keyword. “Vancouver personal trainer” or “how to build muscle fast”


H2 #1

Explain the H2 – We like to use this space to add lists, write a few sentences and even insert a second picture.


H2 #2

This is where you provide the real value and educate your target reader! It doesn’t have to be long, another three or four paragraphs will do. Just make sure you get your blog’s target keyword in here once or twice.


H2 #3

Give the reader an action item, by finishing the blog with a Call To Action! Call us, book your appointment, come in for a consultation, fill out our questionnaire – all of these are great examples – and again repeat your blog’s main keyword!


Hope you dig this blog! If you do, please share it with anyone else who would love having a totally free SEO blogging template for their own content marketing needs.

Get better website SEO with ‘cornerstone content’

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have great website content. That’s because Google recently rolled out a new algorithm that helps sites with great content and quality links, and demotes those who use sneaky tricks to get ahead.

It means good news for businesses that go about ranking on Google the ‘white hat’ way!

Well-behaved websites get rewarded

One of the greatest articles I have ever read about how to get better website SEO, or getting your website to rank high on Google, is this one:

How to Create Cornerstone Content that Google Loves by Copyblogger

We recommend you read their article. It was written in 2007, but rings more true now than ever!

In short though:

  • Your site should be set up to communicate what you do, to someone who knows absolutely nothing about your business.
  • Create pages that explain the aspects of your business. Build those pages around keywords.
  • Useful, high-quality content with lots of media (text, pictures, videos, infographics and links) is what you’re aiming for with each page and blog post.

Better website SEO with links

Legendary Social Media tip: Use internal links! Every time you blog, link to this ‘cornerstone content’ you created. It’ll help build rank authority within your website!