Client Feature: Le Hibou Kids

We’re back with another client feature! This time, we’re super excited to introduce to one of our newest clients, Le Hibou Kids.

Le Hibou is a kidswear brand based here in Vancouver. Their mission is to bring play-friendly and timeless kids clothing for 6 months + to Canada. Part of what makes LeHibou so unique is that their clothing is thoughtfully designed and made in Korea, where the founders, Alyssa and Liz are originally from.

“When I moved to Canada and had my own child, I struggled to find timeless clothing that was unique and affordable, and I wasn’t the only mom looking for this! So I founded Le Hibou Kids with my friend Liz, and haven’t looked back since.” –Alyssa, co-founder of LeHibou

What we provide for LeHibou kids

Legendary has been working alongside Le Hibou Kids to create the following:
Shopify Website Copywriting
Conversion Optimization
Social Media Advertising Campaigns
Social Media Management
Social Media Photography
Video Production
Email Newsletter Consultation

Check out our most recent photo and video shoot for their Fall Collection:

kidswear-legendary social media vancouver



How does video help your website’s SEO?

Over the past few years video has become integral to content marketing in any business. 

Why? Video delivers information to users in a short and concise format! 

But there’s more to it than that, and it comes down to the who-owns-who of the web. Read on to see what we mean.

Video is important for your SEO and here’s why

Ok, first, what is SEO?

If you have a website, blog or online store, then you probably already know what SEO is and why it’s important for your business. But just you need a refresher, here are the basics of what SEO means:

  • SEO is short for search engine optimization
  • Search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few others you’ve probably never heard of 
  • Ranking higher with search engines will help your target audience find you
  • That’s because people type certain words into a search engine to find content they’re looking for. These words are called keywords
  • Google is the most popular search engine, serving over 90% of the worldwide web traffic

So that’s the basics of SEO. Now let’s get back to the role video plays in all of this. 

Embedding videos into your website can help you get found by search engines, especially Google.

Here’s how:

  • Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites that contain video content.  
  • Website users are more likely to stay on a web page that features a video and the amount of time someone spends on your website improves your Google rankings. 
  • Increasing on-page engagement sends positive signals to Google, so having a video with valuable content on your web page can help your Google rankings. Engagement is counted when someone clicks “play” on a video.
  • Whenever possible, Google displays videos in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This especially pertains to query searches like “how to…” and “what is…”. Try it yourself: ask Google a question and it will likely pull up some educational videos. 
  • Backlinks increase your search visibility so if your video becomes popular with its viewers then they are likely to share the link. This creates backlinks.  

Super duper important fun fact: Google owns YouTube

In short, video helps your Google search ranking, because Google wants you to watch YouTube videos. 

Why? Companies advertise on YouTube.

And also, video is fun to watch!

If you decide to create some kick-ass video content and upload it to YouTube, make sure your audience can find your video by using keywords and phrases in the title and description – this will help match your viewer’s query. 

Types of video content your business could create

  • Explainers: Guide your viewers through a process or answer common questions about your business. A great way to build up customer trust and credibility. 
  • Vlogs: A diary-style video typically filmed by one person on their own webcam or camera.
  • Webinars: Create an online event or presentation for your audience.
  • Ads: Take the traditional route and create a scripted video advertising your product or service. 
  • Customer tutorials: Teach your customers on on how to use a product.
  • Interviews: A spotlight with 1 or 2 people like an influencer asking and answering questions.
  • Product videos: Introduce your audience to a new product by featuring it in a video.
  • Live: Doing something exciting? Take your audience with you – go live on social media!
  • Reviews: You can’t create this yourself but consider sending some free samples to an influencer and perhaps they’ll create content reviewing your product.

If you’re ready to create some AWESOME video content then check out our blog and follow these 6 simple steps to get more eyes on your YouTube videos!

P.S. our team at Legendary Social Media creates awesome stop-motion videos for product-based businesses. Let us know if you’re into that!

Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

We all know content is king and when it comes to Instagram: the more curated your content, the more you will have people stopping and coming back for more. Killer visuals + catchy captions = an IG account that reigns king. 

Because Instagram is made up of scrolling feeds of images, people absorb your images before reading your content. This makes it the perfect opportunity for curating a feed that showcases who you are! 

Having a visually appealing feed to showcase your work in a way that is visually striking, but catchy captions are also important. Knowing how to write great captions will bring your feed full circle and set you up for an Instagram account that is both beautiful and interesting – the best of both worlds. 

Check out some accounts that are killing the Instagram game 


Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

We love the feed @juniperoats has created. She is a graphic artist and designer with a minimalist edge. Separately, her images are unique photo collages, small pieces of art. They are tied together with a soft pink backdrop and monotone black and white pops within her images. Together, the feed looks like a scrolling mural. 

Her feed also acts as a storefront to sell her cute home pieces via Instagram. Super creative and well put together, her feed makes us want to revisit her to see what designs she’ll come out with next.

Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

On the other hand, not all brands are trying to sell their pieces, but are instead creating a lifestyle around them to inspire their customers. Beyond Clothing has scattered their feed with travel photography from remote, cold locations, selling their layering technology gear. The feed at a glance reads as a travel blog, but we love the raw, adventurous feeling it gives that isn’t just photos of their clothing. The remote locations and photos of people adventuring in the wilderness are tempting us to buy a jacket and a book a flight. 


Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

Everyone knows Tiffany’s and naturally we would expect them to be killing their Instagram feed. With poppy, colourful visuals, their feed transitions by the season, where each photo is perfectly curated to match what’s new in the season. 

The platform is also being used to showcase and sell products and as an online catalogue of their merchandise. The jewels are sharp and basking in light, making them extra sparkly. The whole feed is tied together with pops of that classic, unmistakable Tiffany blue. 


Ok, hats off to influencer @RiskiNovianti and her feed that is KILLING us with her colour-blocked series. She has a brilliant way of inspiring us to add more colour to our lives and making her colourful story series flow beautifully into itself. One month it’s bright pink, one month its pastel pink, another monochromatic black and white. Her locations are purposefully and carefully chosen to match the colour of the minute, using bold and bright filters that bring her photos and her feed to LIFE and inspiring us to pay attention to the details just a little bit more. 

Your industry doesn’t have to be artistic for you to have a beautiful feed. There are a ton of businesses we love that inspire us every day. Whatever your style, Instagram is also a platform to showcase, sell and show off your brand, your work or your product. More than ever, your Instagram feed is becoming a second website that can be visually curated to show off your unique style and make a bold statement. 

Choosing a style and running with it is key and knowing who you are as a brand is crucial to this! Need a hand? Check out our steps to writing a social media style guide to get you started! 

Social Media Client Feature: The Facial Room

Kind, beautiful and powerful are three words that describe Patricia Asmar to a T. We began working with Patricia’s business, The Facial Room, in the summer of 2019. The Facial Room is Canada’s largest online retailer of Eminence Organic Skin Care, based in Surrey, and Patricia is also a top facialist in the Greater Vancouver Area. 

Here’s why we love Patricia and The Facial Room so much, and what our work for her brand entails. 

Our social media client, The Facial Room 

The Facial Room is Canada’s largest Eminence Organic Skin Care online retailer. A C.I.D.E.S.C.O. trained and internationally certified esthetician, Patricia Asmar has always been passionate about skin care. When she discovered Eminence Organic Skin Care line, she was amazed. She became a leading expert in the line, using it on her clients – and herself, of course. And you should see her skin! Patricia has redefined “glowing skin” by taking the term to a whole new level.

The Facial Room has been in business for 19 years, with the eCommerce side being active for about 6 years. 

Whether clients are looking to break away from break outs of shoo away their crow’s feet, The Facial Room helps them get the skin of their dreams at Patricia’s spa, or from their own homes!

The Facial Room’s social media

the facial room instagram - legendary social media vancouver
A peek at the Instagram Feed we created for The Facial Room, including photography by our own Adrian Perry. October 2019.

At Legendary, we handle all of The Facial Room’s social media. In order to do that, we take care of the following elements:

One: Visual feed styling and photography

One of our core responsibilities is to represent The Facial Room’s brand visually on social media. In order to achieve this, Adrian does prop styling and photography using Eminence Organics products that are available through The Facial Room’s website. We focus on a natural colour scheme in the photos, with a cozy, moody feel. This connects with the natural ingredients in Eminence Organic Skin Care’s products. 

Two: Instagram and Facebook marketing

Legendary runs The Facial Room’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. We create The Facial Room’s Instagram Stories and manage the shoppable Instagram Feed. To help build the company’s social media following, we focus heavily on education in each post in order to instill trust in the products from the brand’s customers. Our posts for Instagram are slightly different than Facebook, in order to communicate effectively with the audience of each platform, which are not quite the same. We manage comments, DMs, account growth and product tagging. We love getting to highlight the company’s awesome service. Seriously – they even send samples and organic Belgian chocolates with every order! 

Three: Paid campaigns 

Another element of our work with The Facial Room is the paid campaigns we create and optimize. The goal of these campaigns is to drive sales – therefore, we first set up a campaign to drive traffic to The Facial Room’s website, then a separate campaign focused on converting looky-loos into paying customers. In all, we built over 100 ads across 6 audience groupings for the first phases of these two campaigns.

Instagram feed inspiration: Ten brands we’re loving right now

We love some good Instagram feed inspiration! These are successful accounts that you can look to for ideas about how to connect with followers. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to go to for this inspiration!

10 accounts that are perfect for Instagram feed inspiration

One: Coffee Cartel Bali


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Coffee Cartel Bali (@coffeecartelbali) on

Coffee Cartel Bali demonstrates how a brand can make or break a social media account. While this is a coffee house, everything on the Coffee Cartel Bali Instagram feed goes back to the brand identity. There’s a clear colour scheme and vibe, making sure that followers know the company’s brand before they even set foot in the coffee house! You can bet that people who follow this account on Instagram and travel to Bali make a stop here to take pictures for their own feed, bringing in revenue for the business.

Two: Busy Philipps


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Busy Philipps (@busyphilipps) on

Busy is authenticity to the max! Her Instagram gives peeks into her life, but it also captures her humour and personality. That’s the balance we should all be looking for!

Three: Make Lemonade


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Make Lemonade (@makelemonadeco) on

Make Lemonade manages to be positive without getting saccharine. That makes it feel like a safe place to admit to stress and failure, but then to get back up and going. The many photos of women working together and inspirational comments give a sense of community, creating a sense of friendship and warmth.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by (@latermedia) on

Later Media shows how creating an overall look on Instagram can build your brand. There’s a clear colour palette and even a retro vibe used here. At the same time, while there is cohesion, all the photos are engaging and rich, making them a visual experience followers love!

Five: Jameela Jamil


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamilofficial) on

Jameela Jamil shows how you can include powerful statements in your social media. While she includes photos and promotions for her projects, she also challenges the expectations of women in our culture. She uses satire, connecting with her followers and making sure that her feed is both entertaining and powerful! Talk about some Instagram feed inspiration!  

Six: Barbie


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Barbie® (@barbiestyle) on

This account is brilliant! It takes Barbie and her friends, placing them in situations as though they were women on social media. The level of creativity can draw in all kinds of followers who want to see how Barbie and her friends’ lives are going to be built next. This goes to show how creative you can get with your products and services!

Seven: Away


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Away (@away) on

Away shows how you can balance promoting your product with providing value in social media posts. Instead of just taking pictures of their suitcases, Away shares gorgeous travel photos and information. By doing that, they are able to connect with travellers, not making them just feel advertised to.

Eight: A Color Story


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by A Color Story (@acolorstory) on

A Color Story entices followers with amazing photos. This is a great way to draw people in! At the same time, they make a clear offer of value… They will help you get colourful photos too.

Nine: Halo Top Creamery


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Halo Top Creamery (@halotopcreamery) on

Halo Top Creamery is another master of social media photography! Each photo of their account is bright, fun, and perfectly on-brand. They make their products look enticing, encouraging followers to give them a try. At the same time, they always make sure to mention their differentiation point – their ice cream is low-calorie. This makes sure everyone knows why they should be opting for Halo Top over another brand.  

Ten: Agador


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Agador 🦁 (@poochofnyc) on

This is a full-on dog account – and it’s adorable! Agador is always dressed to the nines, being placed in human situations. We love this account because it’s cute and charming. On top of that, it has a well-stated brand: Agador is the Bob Ross of dogs. We should all have such a clear focus!

Not sure how to use this Instagram feed inspiration in your social media? Use these tips to help you Instagram like a rockstar!   

Social Media Client Feature: Waves Coffee

We love our clients! Today, we want to celebrate one of our amazing clients – Waves Coffee House. This Vancouver-based chain of 31 coffee shops located across BC and Alberta is all about connecting people in their local cafe. For the last year, we have been working with Waves Coffee to create social media that reflects their vibe and values.

social media client feature waves coffee - legendary social media vancouver

Our social media plan for Waves Coffee

We built a multi-platform social media plan for Waves. Our work with the company has included creating and managing:

  • Content around Waves Coffee’s brand story
  • Content addressing the company’s speciality coffee beans, drinks and promotional features
  • Content promoting special events like CTV’s Sidewalk Slam and Waves Coffee’s 13th birthday
  • Social media engagement and customer service on Twitter
  • Ads for promotions
  • Ads for Wave Coffee’s Wellness Campaign
  • Photography and styling for digital POS and social media banners
  • Graphic design for printed in-store promo materials
  • Stop-motion video for social media

Two social media campaigns Legendary created for Waves Coffee

Social media campaigns are important to get your new products and promotions out there! Here are two of the most successful campaigns for Waves Coffee…

One: Waves Wellness 

To ring in the new year and help people start off on a healthy foot, Waves calls their first campaign of each year Waves Wellness. This year, Waves partnered with Blender Bites and introduced Oat Milk, a vegan protein wrap, as well as their turmeric latte.

We ran a collection of ads targeted to people who live near a Waves location featuring a stop-motion video we created, which garnered:

  • 325,000 impressions
  • Over 38,000 views of the stop-motion video

Our light, colourful look brought the feeling of a fresh start to the campaign. By doing this, we connected Waves Coffee’s products to warmth, excitement, health and hope – all feelings we associate with the new year!

social media client feature waves coffee - legendary social media vancouver

Two: Daffodil campaign

Our next social media campaign for Waves Coffee was the Daffodil campaign. This campaign focused on a partnership between Waves Coffee and the Canadian Cancer Society. In order to promote this partnership, we did a series of social media photography. Then we produced and filmed a video with the Canadian Cancer Society. We took this content and built social media posts and ads around them.

social media client feature waves coffee - legendary social media vancouver

It was such a pleasure being able to share this important message and raise awareness about the Canadian Cancer Society! We’re particularly proud of this campaign because it shows how you can use your social media to support your business and do good in the world. Talk about a win-win!

Are you ready to up your social media game? Legendary Social Media is here to help! Tell us what you want out of your company’s social media and let us assist you in achieving those goals!

Five things to consider before hiring a social media agency for your Vancouver business

Choosing which social media agency to hire for your Vancouver business is a huge decision! Almost as big as deciding which you like better – chocolate or vanilla.

Seriously, though, your social media agency can make or break your online profile. So how do you make sure you have the right fit for your business? Make sure you consider these 5 things!

The 5 things to consider before hiring a social media agency for your Vancouver business

1. How much time are you spending on your social media marketing?

Do you have your own marketing department and you’re just looking for a bit more social media support? Do you have nothing in place and are looking for someone to handle your social media marketing from beginning to end? If you are looking for a little support, you may want to look at a firm that consults or does pay-as-you-go work. For more comprehensive work, go for a full-service social media marketing agency for your Vancouver business.   

2. What is your budget?

Consistency is key in social media, so there’s no point in working with a company for a few weeks, only to realize you can’t afford to continue with them. So before you pick a social media agency for your Vancouver business, make sure you have a clear budget and that you’re not overextending yourself.

3. How familiar are you with social media practices and trends?

There are social media agencies that just complete requested work for you and there are those that build your online strategy. While we suggest going with the second in most cases, if you are super familiar with social media practices and trends, you may be able to formulate your own strategy. Just be careful that you are still listening to the experts at your social media agency. There’s no point in buying a dog and barking yourself!  

4. What kind of content are you seeking?

A lot of companies talk about wanting to be on social media or have strong a social media presence, but social media is a wide world! When you say “social media”, what are you talking about? Instagram posts? Blogs? Online contests? All of the above? If you can pin down what kind of content you want, you have a better chance of finding the best social media agency to take care of your Vancouver business. Have no idea what you want? This is where a full-service agency comes in. That way, you can work with a social media marketing expert to develop the best online strategy for your business.

5. What do you need to take your business to the next level?   

Yes, social media can help you get followers and find new customers, but its use shouldn’t end there! It should also be a way to leverage your business, giving you the “missing piece” to take your business to the next level. In order to do that, though, you need to identify what that piece is. Do you need to be more relatable? Show more expertise? Whatever you need, the right social media agency can help get you there!

Why Legendary is the right social media agency for your Vancouver business

As a boutique agency, Legendary offers clients the services they need. So whether you’re looking for a pay-as-you-go service or a full-service social media agency for your Vancouver business, we’ve got you covered! With our blend of social media marketing experts and exceptional content creators, we range from creating online strategies to executing your content requests – and everything in between!

So no matter your online needs, Legendary Social Media is the perfect social media agency for your Vancouver business!  

IGTV: A step-by-step guide on how to use it for your Vancouver business

IGTV… Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone! So what is this new social media marketing trend – and how can it help your company? Let us tell you!

The social media marketing roundup: OMG WTF is IGTV???

Basically, IGTV is YouTube – the Instagram version!

Recently, Instagram started a new, associated app that’s all about videos and dubbed it IGTV. But wait… doesn’t Instagram already allow videos? How is IGTV different?

Well, on this platform, you can create videos that are up to an hour long and will play in full-screen on viewers’ phones or tablets. So this is less about a quickie snippet and more about a full video content.

A Quick Guide to IGTV
Courtesy of: Milkwhale

How to use IGTV in your social media marketing

IGTV can be another way of building your following and connecting with potential customers, making it an important addition to your social media marketing tool belt.  

To get started, you’ll need to follow a few easy steps

  1. Create an account.
  2. Choose on what kind of content you want to make.
  3. Shoot a video.
  4. Upload the video.
  5. Add a description to your video.
  6. Hashtag the video to make sure the right audience can find it.
  7. Post the video.
  8. Check your “insights” (AKA analytics) to see who’s watching.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8!

Like any other social media marketing trend, you have to make the platform work for you. So how do you make that happen?

  • Make sure you don’t commit these 5 social media marketing sins!
  • Add links in your video descriptions. Any links you put in will become hyperlinks, allowing you to drive traffic to your site or other areas of your social media.
  • Keep your videos focused. Unless you’re already a celebrity, people aren’t going to watch whatever you put up. So if you want to keep the eyeballs on you, you’ve got to connect with the right audience and keep giving them what they want.
  • Batch your videos. Instead of making your videos one at a time, take an afternoon once a month and make at least four. That way, you’ll always have one or more in the bank!

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of making IGTV a part of your social media marketing strategy? Let us take care of your channel and its content for you! Drop us a line to discuss how we can help with IGTV and more!


Six ways to leverage your business using social media in Vancouver

How many businesses are there in Canada?

Less than 10,000? No way!

100,000? Nope!  

You’re looking at well over a 1,000,000 companies – and that’s not even including sole proprietorships!

If that sounds like a huge number, that’s because it is!

So how do you differentiate yourself in the midst of all this competition? You use social media in Vancouver to leverage your business, of course!

6 tips you can use to leverage social media in Vancouver to work for your business

1. Be consistent

Consistency comes in many forms when it comes to social media in Vancouver. It includes creating a content posting schedule and following it. People want to know when to expect your content, just like they want to know when a movie is coming out or the next episode of a TV show is airing. So make sure you deliver, by creating a schedule and sticking with it!

The other part of consistency is keeping your content focused. You build an audience based on the content you are providing to them. You keep them by continuing to deliver that same type of content. Again, let’s look at this through the lens of TV. You wouldn’t want to tune in for a fantasy show like Game of Thrones to find they’re doing a random, comedic Two and a Half Men crossover episode! Even if you LOVE both shows, you’d be disappointed because you don’t watch Game of Thrones if you’re looking for a sitcom. So make sure that, when it comes to your social media marketing, you stay consistent and deliver your audience what they’re tuning in for!

2. Know your audience

In order for your content to stay consistent, you have to know what kind of content you’re trying to deliver and what topics you’re focusing on. And in order to figure that out, you need to know who you’re trying to appeal to. Start with the basics:

  • What’s the age range for your target audience?

  • Are you trying to appeal to a certain gender?

Once you have the answers to these kinds of preliminary questions, it’s time to get deep!

  • Are you focusing on singles?

  • Couples?

  • Families?

  • Is your industry targeting the general consumer or, say, other professionals?

We suggest making a list of all the details you know about your target consumer. That list will then tell you your audience.     

3. Use the right platform

There are a TON of social media platforms and they’re not all created equal. That’s why it’s vital to use the platforms that work best for your business and gets you the audience you’re trying to connect with! For example, if you have a rave clothing line, you’re probably targeting singles and couples in their teens and 20s, which means you should be looking at Instagram. If, on the other hand, you run a luxury cruise line for families, you’ll want to connect with parents with some disposable income, so head straight on over to Facebook. Not sure which platforms draw the audience you’re looking for? Check out this handy-dandy guide we made for you!  

4. Engage, engage, engage

Once you know your brand, audience, and platform(s), the real work begins! Now you have to start creating posts, writing blogs, running online competitions, replying to others’ posts, and more. Is this sounding like a full-time job? That’s because it is… ours! There are no shortcuts when it comes to social media in Vancouver. That’s why so many companies looking to leverage their businesses, work with social media agencies like Legendary. We take care of their online engagement so they can focus on what they do best!    

5. Create great content

Some social media marketing companies try to argue that it doesn’t matter what you’re posting, as long as you are posting. But that’s crap! Your followers are there for your content. If you don’t give them anything worth sticking around for, they won’t! So don’t just post any old thing. Instead, focus on making your content interesting, informative, and engaging!  

The top way to use social media in Vancouver to leverage your business

6. Work with a social media agency, like Legendary

In order to leverage your business, you need the best possible team around you. When it comes to social media in Vancouver, that team is Legendary! We know how to identify and connect with audiences for all kinds of businesses and across all platforms. Plus, we create quality content that you can be proud to share!

So whether you’re ready to take your social media in Vancouver to the next level or just need some fresh content, get in touch with us today!

Five tricks to increase sales using social media in Vancouver

When it comes to social media in Vancouver, it’s great to get to get views, likes, comments, and follows. But what most businesses really want… is sales.

We get it. That’s what keeps the doors open and the lights on.

These tricks and tips can help increase your sales using social media in Vancouver!

Before we talk about the tricks themselves, there’s one important thing to remember when talking about social media in Vancouver…

The sales that social media in Vancouver helps drive may not be direct. That means it won’t usually be as simple as creating a post and then seeing a spike in sales. And the businesses that are looking for that to happen may be disappointed. So avoid that disappointment by seeing your social media as an investment to help overall sales.

Marketing and sales are not the same thing, friends!

5 tricks to increasing your overall sales using social media in Vancouver

1. Target the right social media networks

Not all customers are on all social media networks. If you want your social media in Vancouver to be effective, you want to make sure you’re on the networks where your customers and potential customers are located.

Not sure which social media networks to use? Check out this handy, dandy guide!

2. Use the same handle

You want your company to be easy to find across platforms. The best way to do that – and hold onto your social media customers across platforms – is to maintain one handle for all your accounts. This will also make your handle easier for customers to remember when they’re looking you up.

3. Speak the language

Each social media platform has its own language, as do each group of your customers. You wouldn’t sell to a teen and a mom the same way in a TV ad, so don’t try to do it on social media!

Instead, make sure you’re speaking in the appropriate language for the medium, the platform, and the audience you’re trying to attract.

4. Re-post real people

One of the biggest changes social media has brought about is that people don’t want to only see hyper-polished content. The want to see real customers using – and liking – a product. The best way to achieve that? Make sure to re-post images from your customers of them using or talking about your product!

5. Hire a Vancouver social media agency like Legendary

The best way to increase your sales is to have kickass social media campaigns – and the best way to do that is to hire a social media agency in Vancouver, like Legendary. Legendary is unique as it’s a boutique agency made up of social media, content creation, and technology professionals who genuinely love what they do.  


If you are ready to bring your social media in Vancouver to the next level, take a look at the awesome services Legendary offers!