How to get more Adds To Cart and Purchases on your website

If you have an eCommerce website, then your ultimate goal is to convert your website visitors into paying customers, right? Unfortunately, just because you built a website, doesn’t mean paying customers will come. You need a little thing called conversion optimization!

How do you optimize your website so visitors take the actions you want them to? There are lots of ways you can encourage people to make a purchase on your website, but we have three conversion optimization tips that we believe will get the sales you want. 

1. Establish trust on your homepage

It’s important to establish trust with users immediately. Just like in real life, first impressions can be everlasting. Firstly, include some text on why people should buy from you, instead of going elsewhere. What do you offer that your competitor doesn’t?

A landing page that speaks to everyone, speaks to no one in particular. So make sure you accurately describe the products and services you offer, and who exactly would benefit from buying from your business. 

Things to include on your homepage that will encourage users to shop or use your services:

  • Advertise current promotions
  • Free shipping (if you offer this)
  • Link to reviews
  • Pop up for a first-time buyers discount code
  • Reviews, such as Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot 
  • Trust badges
  • Previous client logos

See below, how our client The Facial Room has included many of these elements in order to establish trust with viewers. 


2. Send abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to remind customers they left items in their cart and to entice them to come back and finish their purchase. 

You can easily set up Abandoned Carts email with a platform like Shopify or Mailchimp, which offers many add-on functions. 

Abandoned cart emails should include the following information:

  • A fun and engaging subject line
  • Introduction text 
  • List of products left in the cart 
  • Offer or discount
  • Checkout button or Call To Action (CTA)
  • Product reviews
  • Other product suggestions
  • Free shipping (if this option is available)
  • Add a sense of urgency with a time limit

Check out the different ways in which these three companies below executed a great abandoned cart email. They’ve used colour, snappy copy, humorous images and CTAs to regain the customer’s attention. 


Image source: Really Good Emails

3. Include customer reviews on your product pages

Reviews on your website offer up a sort of social proof to your potential customers. Customers will gain a better understanding of the products, how they work, and what past customers liked and disliked. This will influence their decision-making. 

Customer feedback will also give you insights into how your business can improve its products and services, which can also be invaluable in improving your business. 

Reviews can also help with your SEO ranking, as online customer reviews communicate trustworthiness and authority to search engines.  

One way to encourage customer reviews is by offering a discount code to customers who complete a review on your website. 

Final thoughts 

Remember to keep tracking your results! Analyze the data, test new conversion optimization methods and eventually, you will know what does and doesn’t work. 

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How to set up social media ads that lead to sales

What’s the goal of working so hard on your company’s social media? For most eCommerce businesses the answer is: increasing sales. 

Remember that social media is a marketing tool. That means posting to social media is a long-game effort, that contributes to building your brand which will impact sales over time.

Still, most business owners want to see an uptick in sales right away. We can achieve that using social media by running paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, for example.

Here are 5 tips that our agency uses to set up ads on social media that lead to sales.

Tips for social media ads that lead to sales

One: Set up your eCommerce site to integrate with social media sites 

If you have an eCommerce site, you need to make sure it’s integrated with social media sites. On Facebook, you can do this with Facebook Pixel. Then you can build your product catalogue on Facebook, using Pixel to integrate that into other sites like Shopify and WooCommerce. This allows your website to share data with Facebook, in order to more accurately track where your online sales are coming from.

Two: Establish your target audience

The easiest customers to reach out to are the ones that are already interested in your brand or could quickly become interested. You can connect with these customers through a carefully constructed target audience list. Make sure you establish the type of customer you are targeting – the more specific, the better. Create cold audiences by narrowing down your customer’s age, interests, location and online activities. You’ll also want to show ads to warm audiences who have already interacted with your brand, by buying products, liking your social media posts, signing up to your email list, or visiting your website. 

Three: Get product awareness

Now that you have your target audiences established, it’s time to start marketing. Doing conversion ad campaigns requires a multi-phase approach and money for ads, placements, and more. The first phase of a conversion campaign is getting people to know your brand. People usually aren’t going to buy your products when they’ve never even heard of your company. So create content to introduce yourself! Videos are great for this, as long as they are short and engaging. Once you’ve gotten your company name out there, you’re ready for the next stage… 

Four: Foster product consideration 

Now it’s all about your products. Don’t worry about selling them – focus on getting potential customers to look at them. Create ads that will drive people your site to scroll through the products you have available there. One of the best ways to do that is with photos of people engaging with the products. Just make sure the people are smiling and happy. This may sound like a cliche, but it is because it can make a huge difference in sales. 

Five: Send out targeted campaigns 

The final step is closing the deal. This is where you convert your audience into customers. You can do this through dynamic product ads. These are ads that show the exact products the viewer was looking at on your site. It’s a great way to convince a potential customer to pull the trigger and make a purchase. 

Once you have customers, don’t forget to re-target them. Tell them when you have sales, new products, or when it’s time for them to reorder. That way, as you build your customer base, you also build return sales – the basis for any long-term business!