Does Google delete reviews?

Does Google delete reviews?

Recently we’ve been asked this question by one of our clients, who was told that Google deleted reviews that came from anyone who got to your review page via a direct link you provided them. This is not true!

However, they do have a tendency to delete some reviews and its algorithm will flag them as spam (even if they’re not). Here’s what Google deletes, why, and what to do if you’ve spotted your Google reviews gone MIA. 

Here are eight reasons why Google would flag and delete your reviews: 

one. If the reviewer is a manager of your Google My Business

This one might seem obvious but if a review is left by a page manager, google doesn’t think it’s been left by a legitimate customer, flags it as a conflict, and deletes it. 

two. If more than one review share the same IP address 

Google algorithms will pick up on a repeated IP address. When different reviews are coming from one address Google marks it as fishy and inauthentic.

three. If the review was written from your physical location 

Google has your business IP address linked to your account so any reviews coming from the IP address linked to your business page are not going to fly. 

four. Too many reviews at once 

If you’re thinking of sending a mass email to your entire client list to remind them to leave a review, hold off. Google triggers go off when too many reviews are left in a short period of time. So be sure to space out those requests. 

five. Is the review from a land far, far away? 

If your business is located in Vancouver, it doesn’t make much sense that reviews are coming in from Brazil. 

Six. Did someone leave a phone number?

Why? Phone numbers in reviews are unnecessary and trigger spam alerts in the google algorithm.

Seven. If there is a link in the review 

Ask your clients to re-send reviews if there are links or URLs in the review or google might detect spam. 

Eight. Do all of your reviews look and sound the same?

It’s nice to ask your clients to politely leave a review but if you are scripting them into a review or making too many suggestions, spam alerts go off.  If your reviews look and sound the same they may get binned. 


What can you do if Google’s deleted your reviews? 

Unfortunately, you can’t do much except go out and get more legitimate reviews. There is no system in place that will bring back deleted reviews so as soon as Google deems a review as spam, it is gone, never to be seen again. 

Don’t sweat it! Obtaining new clients and providing them with a 5-star worthy experience is a more achievable (and boos-like) goal and the reason you started biz in the first place! So we think getting more legitimate reviews should be your new objective. 

Also after that 5-star experience, don’t go without asking a new client to leave you a Google review! It’s the face and reputation of your business online and if they are happy with your service, it’s a great way for them to recommend you to other people. 

The more solid reviews people read from strangers the more they are inclined to trust you. Not to mention that all this reviewing is adding keywords to your business, which is increasing your ranking in Google searches and algorithms. Win-win. 

Want to get to the 1st page of Google search results? Here’s how.

Social Media Client Feature: Umai Hot Dogs Canada

When it comes to social media, bring us a way to make jokes about meat and buns coming together and we’ll create some true awesomeness! And that’s why we’re so stoked to be working with California hot dog chain Umai Hot Dogs. With Umai Hot Dogs opening their first Canadian restaurant here in Vancouver, we think it’s time they join the ranks of Little Kitchen Academy, GOeVisit, and Waves Coffee, getting their own social media client feature. 

Our social media client, Umai Hot Dogs Canada 

Umai Hot Dogs was born in 1992, when Loi Tran and his wife were given an old, broken down hot dog cart. Loi used a wheel from his daughter’s tricycle to fix up the cart and opened it up in San Jose, California. But Loi and his wife didn’t want to just have a plain old hot dog cart. Instead, they came up with their own recipes and created their own sauces, which they made fresh every morning. They also sourced local ingredients, getting the best hot dogs, sausages, buns, and more. 

All their hot dogs are made with premium cuts of meat and having all natural casings. They’re also gluten-free, naturally smoked, and contain zero MSG, by-products, or fillers. Vegetarian options are available too.

Today, Umai offers over 27 signature hot dog flavours. Don’t want one of these? You can also make your own custom dog with whatever toppings and sauces your little heart desires! Then build your meal with a variety of specialty items, including a fried banana dog, Poku Wings, Tori Wings, specialty noodles, umami glazed hamburgers, and Umai’s famous waffle dog. Can’t wait to put a truffle dog in your mouth? Neither can we! 

Our social media work for Umai Hot Dogs Canada 

We love a good dancing hot dog GIF – and making pre-teen-esque jokes about weiners. But our work on Umai Hot Dogs Canada’s social media goes well beyond that! 

We created a fun Grand Opening ad campaign. It was focused on making sure as many people as possible heard about this amazing restaurant. And we even managed to sneak in a few adorable hot dog GIFs! We also helped coordinate Umai’s grand opening promotions. 

Some fun stuff we’ve made for Umai Hot Dogs so far:

legendary social media vancouver - umai hot dogs canada
Let the spinning wheel of hot dogs hypnotize you… GIF created by Legendary Social Media for Umai Hot Dogs Canada

In addition to our work on Umai Hot Dogs’ grand opening, we have done a variety of work on their social media accounts. This work includes: 

  • Setting them up for SEO
  • Planning their photos
  • Creating stop motion videos
  • Managing their social media 
  • Guiding their media tasting event with local foodie influencers

The best part of all this work? It’s on our plate. That means Loi can concentrate on what he’s serving up on his plates at his first Canadian Umai Hot Dogs location. 

We wish you all the best, Umai! And we’re thrilled to be part of this next phase in Umai’s path to total hot dog domination! 


See more of our client features here.

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Legendary Social Media – what’s that all about?

Between the multicoloured unicorn-pegasus logo and the bright pink accents on the website, the Legendary Social Media brand has something a little different about it. Call it cheesy, funky or just plain weird, we decided to take a different tack than many social media management agencies in Vancouver. We wanted to be legit to who we are – a team of unique, original individuals with a stellar skillset and a penchant for creating awesome stuff.

A rare breed of online marketing.

Legendary Social Media has the goal of creating legendary content, whether that’s graphics or logos for your website, engaging social media posts, fully functional and SEO-optimized websites, or SEO-friendly blogs.

Legendary Social Media: doing it right, every time

Our brand is NOT about rushing through your project to get it done quickly. In fact, our policy is to keep working until you’re happy with the product we deliver. Why? Because the Legendary Social Media mindset is that your success is our success. So when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Our business is making your business grow online.

We would love for your to check out the suite of services Legendary Social Media offers, but here’s a quick snapshot:

  • website design: SEO integration and submission to Google Webmaster Tools is included every time
  • social media marketing: we only use best practices for each platform to get you the best possible response
  • social media advertising: can’t be bothered to navigate the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn ads? That’s our forte. Let us design your ads and whittle your audience down to perfection for best results
  • Google PPC: need your website to be on Page 1 of Google? We create highly effective ads (up to 20% CTR) for your website
  • email marketing: reach out to your newsletter subscribers with emails that have high open rates and great sales-driven content
  • content creation: boost your website’s SEO power with blog articles that are written to catch Google’s eye, plus wow your audience with great, original content

Have questions about Legendary Social Media? We’re always happy to chat via email, phone or text. We’d love to hear from you!

There’s a Google update coming up soon. Here’s what you need to know

Yesterday (January 19), a Google employee announced via Twitter that Google is weeks away from rolling out an update to its algorithm. Updates like these often mean changes to websites, SEO and content marketing. Here’s what you need to know about this upcoming update.

Google update quick facts:

  • Sources have conflicting information about whether the update is to Google’s core algorithm, or to its Penguin algorithm.
  • The last Penguin update, Penguin 3.0, came out about a year ago.
  • Penguin 3.0 was referred to as the “link spam” refresh for its algorithm, affecting 1% of US English search queries. (source)
  • Penguin 2.0 was released in May 2013 and implemented several changes to reduce spam and black-hat SEO, including spam links.
  •, like the team here Legendary Social Media, believes this latest update will also help to curb black-hat SEO and spam linking.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about the Google update rumours:

Penguin 4.0 is rumored to be a real-time update to the algorithm. This means that the Penguin portion of the algorithm will always be “on” and updating. This is huge news for the digital marketing community since there’s still a prevalence of spammy tactics taking place. In fact, even though Google claims that black-hat tactics do not work, there’s lots of evidence that the contrary is true. But in Google’s defense, they are making it much more difficult for black-hat marketers to succeed.

We’re waiting to hear solid details

Little information has been released about this upcoming Google update, but several people commenting on Search Engine Journal‘s site have expressed hope that this update will reduce unwanted traffic and unwanted referrals to websites.

As SEO artists and Google PPC campaign managers, we at Legendary Social Media hope the same. In very few cases, ads as well as non-ad-related search traffic can come from unwanted referrals, including linking sites that send low-loyalty traffic to websites. It’s a minor nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless.

Legendary Social Media works on and promotes website that do SEO the proper way, with high-quality links, active blogs, social media links, strategic keywording. It’s all part of our content marketing service that we offer.


How to: Facebook advertising on a budget

This blog post is part of our Lessons from SMSS15 series. Legendary Social Media is taking part in Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit 2015, which is the world’s largest online social media marketing conference. This blog series covers the points and ideas we’ve taken from the course that we’ve deemed to be eye-opening and highly useful for other marketers and for small- and medium-sized businesses. To discuss any of the ideas in these blogs or other ideas about social marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

For most businesses, Facebook advertising can be hugely successful for brand awareness, lead generation and even sales. But many (most) businesses have a tight advertising budget. With so many types of Facebook advertising options available, where should you focus your limited budget?

Just a few types of Facebook ads include:

  • Website clicks
  • Website conversions
  • Page likes
  • Use your app
  • Watch your video
  • Email optin

In SMSS15, Facebook advertising expert Andrea Vahl recommends using Facebook as a “warmer” for your customers or clients. Facebook isn’t ideal for leading to sales, however it’s great for building your email list and just getting your brand recognized so the sales can come later.

Here’s where Vahl says your Facebook advertising spend should go:

  • Email optins: 70%
  • Building page likes and post engagement: 20-30%
  • Sales: 10% max

First, though, Legendary Social Media, like Vahl, recommends you create a pixel so you can focus your ads on customers who are most likely to buy from you. Here’s how to do it.

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Click Pixels.
  3. Create a pixel by following the instructions, and install your pixel in the <head> section of your website. This will track people who came from Facebook to your website and will allow you to group these people into a Custom Audience, so you can send ads to them specifically in the near future.
  4. Next, test your demographics. Contrary to many experts’ advice, Vahl recommends testing your audience first and your ads second. I tend to agree with her methodology!
  5. Create one ad that you believe will be effective for your target audience. Now, go to the Facebook Ads Manager. Create a campaign based on your objective (from the Facebook ad types above). Now, create three highly targeted audiences at the Ad Set level.
  6. If your target audience is women aged 35-55 in Vancouver, base all your audiences with that demographic. But split the audience into three using interests and other variables. Save each audience separately at the ad set level.
  7. Now add the ad you created to each audience, using the same text, visuals and links for each, and run each ad set for three days with identical budgets.
  8. After three days, go back and check which audience responded best to your ad, by checking which resulted in the lowest cost per click/conversion/optin. Use this audience as you create multiple ads to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign for your budget.

Struggling with Facebook ads? If your cost per click is over $1.50, you could probably use some help. Contact us today so we can help you create more effective campaigns with Facebook advertising, Twitter ads, Google Adwords and more!

Online Marketing for Realtors: Where to focus your efforts

In an industry as competitive as real estate, getting noticed is getting harder than ever. Despite so many marketing venues being available to you, Realtors like you know the value of marketing and advertising and are quick to jump on nearly every opportunity.
To stay ahead of your competitors, where should Realtors concentrate their advertising/marketing budgets to get maximum impact – the most leads, the most connections and the best return on investment?
The obvious answer is your website, but as you know, the SEO game is a long-haul match, and an expensive one at that. In this blog post, we won’t touch on Realtors’ websites (that’s a whole can of worms for another day) and instead, we’ll focus on external venues that bring business to you.
According to our in-house findings, here’s what the Legendary Social Media team recommends as the top online marketing platforms for max ROI:

1. Google Adwords / Google PPC

The beauty of Google’s Adwords is that your target clients find you. By setting up your Adwords campaign properly, with highly effective ads (including Call Ads – they’re unreal for Realtors and definitely worth a try!) displayed in the right locations at the right time, you’re bound to attract dozens of leads a week, all for a modest budget.

What you need to know

Budget: Market dependent. For a medium-sized city (about 1 million), start with an Adwords budget of $2,000 per month.
Pro tip: Use call ads for mobile users to make it easy for people to get in touch.
Pro tip: Review your ads frequently (several times a week) and compare the performance of one ad versus another to see which words work with your audience and which fall flat.

2. Facebook

As social media management experts, we see a lot of Realtors really miss the boat when it comes to social marketing. The fact is, the way we “sell” to people has changed, and the pushy tactics of last decade don’t fly anymore.
Thankfully, Facebook is the perfect platform for Realtors to engage in a different kind of interaction with potential leads. The key to success for Realtors on Facebook is providing value:
Don’t post only listings and real estate news.
Do post funny content, videos, events, helpful articles and other valuable content.
Also, be aware that the number of page likes you have on Facebook is virtually meaningless these days unless your page’s audience is insanely engaged with the content you do post. Focus your Facebook advertising not on page likes, but on boosting posts that provide major value to your target audience.

What you need to know

Budget: We recommend $800-$1400 per month for boosting posts
Pro tip: Having people stay “active” with your Facebook page is critical to having your content, including listings and open houses, seen. When you’re not posting listings, post articles and photos with questions that are easy to respond to like, “Who would you bring as a date to this new restaurant opening this weekend?”

3. Instagram

By following the same principles as Facebook, Realtors can be massively successful at turning audiences into leads with Instagram. Once again, the key is providing value. Therefore, your posts shouldn’t 100% featured listings. Post photos of home decor ideas, stuff going on in your city and, of course, cute animals (we’re half-joking about that last one).
What you need to know
Budget: $0 although Instagram now allows advertising
Pro tip: Make sure your contact information is in your bio, including your full name, phone number, email address and website. Also include this information in most, if not all, posts.

Do you use Twitter and/or Pinterest to market your real estate listings? That’s great! Many Realtors have seen great success with these two platforms as well. We’d love to have you share your success stories with other Realtors and professionals on how to maximize your marketing ROI.
Want to get into online marketing, but don’t have the time? That’s where we come in, to help professionals create a loyal community of fans by doing social and online marketing the way it was meant to be done. We’re a boutique agency that puts time and love into everything we do online. Contact us to tell us about your business and goals today.

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