How many Instagram hashtags should you use?

How many hashtags to use on Instagram - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

When it comes to social media best practices, every “expert” has their own opinion. The problem with that is that it can get really confusing for brands who want simple answers to their burning social media questions, such as: How many Instagram hashtags to use?  How many Instagram hashtags should I be using?  Instagram limits […]

How to find the best hashtags for Instagram posts

How to find the best Instagram hashtags - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

We’ve talked a lot lately about how the ‘gram is changing. As it does, best practices for the platform are changing too. So if you want to be rocking the social media game, you’ve gotta get with the times when it comes to hashtags.  Six tips for killing it with your social media hashtags  One: […]

Social Media Client Feature: Trasolini Pools

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We’ve loved working with Trasolini Pools since April 2017. Now, we want to intro them and the work we do with them.  Our social media client, Trasolini Pools  After starting out in 1983, Trasolini has spent over 30 years creating high-end pools, hot tubs, and water features. The company remains based in Vancouver to this […]

Is Instagram limiting your social media growth?

Is instagram limiting your growth - legendary social media vancouver

I called June 2019 the Twilight Zone of Instagram growth. And I’m not sure that things have really changed since then, or our pivoting to keep our clients’ accounts growing just paid off. It’s no secret that Instagram limits your ability to follow others en masse. The rule is:  You can follow and/or unfollow up […]

Use these 3 awesome Instagram contest ideas

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Sometimes social media in Vancouver can feel like being screamed at by a million different voices, all trying to get your attention. Wanna have some fun, and stand out from other brands? Run an Instagram contest. But how? Here are three of our fave ideas. 3 perfect Instagram contest ideas to take your Vancouver social […]

6 ways your small business can use Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories to the rescue! Have you noticed that your business’ Instagram isn’t getting the same response it used to? Or that photos from days earlier are first on your feed? If you’re at a loss for what to do with your next upload, don’t panic. Just scroll up to the top of your feed. […]

How to: Small business Twitter lead generation

twitter lead generation for small business - social media company vancouver - legendary social media vancouver

Ah, Twitter. The noisy social media platform where Trump makes vague threats and brands shout their 140 character messages to a sea of followers who aren’t listening. But hey, despite a lot of recent changes to the platform and increasingly lower engagement rates, Twitter still has an important place in your social media toolkit. Especially […]

What is influencer marketing (and how does it work?)

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People (especially Millennials and Gen Z) are becoming immune to traditional advertising. Still advertising on TV? No one’s watching. Still buying ads in magazines? No one’s reading them. Still creating banner ads and pop-ups online? No one’s clicking on them (or even seeing them thanks to ad blockers). So how can your business talk to […]

Hashtags on Facebook: Yay or nay?

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I don’t blog often, but when I do, it’s because a certain topic keeps coming up again and again. This past week, it’s: hashtags on Facebook. A few clients and acquaintances have asked recently about whether hashtags on Facebook are useful, tacky, good practice or a negative thing for your company’s social presence. First, let’s […]