9 tips for making your Instagram Reels stand out

9-tips-for-making-your-instagram-reels-stand-out - legendary social media vancouver

Reels continue to be a popular feature on Instagram, with accounts getting a ton of views and engagement on their content! With Instagram promoting the exposure of Reels, there’s an endless number of opportunities to reach a larger audience.  If you’re thinking about creating Instagram Reels, here are some incredible ways you can make them […]

Instagram’s chronological feed is coming back!

instagrams-chronological-feed-is-coming-back - legendary social media vancouver

Breaking news! Instagram’s chronological feed is coming back.  For those of you who have been on Instagram since the beginning, you’ll remember that you were able to view posts in your Instagram feed in the order of their posting time. Instagram scrapped that in favour of an algorithm-based feed, which shows users content that Instagram […]