Organic social media metrics that matter in 2022 (and how to track them)

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Understanding metrics is key to knowing what works well in your organic social media marketing strategy.    There are many different social media metrics that can help you understand what resonates with your audience, and how your audience behaves and interacts with your brand.   Here are the most important social media metrics that matter […]

How to grow a new Instagram account in 2022

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A billion people use Instagram. And if there were any questions as to whether you should use Instagram for your brand in 2022, we’d suggest following the numbers. But growing a new Instagram account in 2022 isn’t as easy as it was in years past. Still, amassing a strong, targeted following is at your fingertips. […]

6 ways to get more engagement on Instagram

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With over 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, every piece of content you post has the potential to attract a community of engaged and like-minded individuals. In today’s post, we’re sharing key tips on how to get more engagement on Instagram. 1. Plan your feed It’s important to consistently post content that resonates with your target […]