How to optimize your Instagram Business profile

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Your social media channels act as a digital storefront for your business. Instagram has 500 million daily users, so the potential for high volume digital traffic is huge. This means that your Instagram Business profile needs to make a lasting impression in order to stand out against your competitors.  You only have a few seconds […]

Five content marketing mistakes to avoid (and why they’re hurting your brand)

We’ve previously covered why visual content is important for your business’s social media channels but today we’re talking about the pitfalls we regularly see in content marketing and how to avoid them.  Here are five common content marketing mistakes to avoid:  1. Failure to create a content calendar  Okay, we know this seems obvious, but […]

Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

We all know content is king and when it comes to Instagram: the more curated your content, the more you will have people stopping and coming back for more. Killer visuals + catchy captions = an IG account that reigns king.  Because Instagram is made up of scrolling feeds of images, people absorb your images […]

Legendary’s top nine app picks for social media management

Top 9 social media management app picks - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

Ace your social media game with these nine apps that our team at Legendary Social Media use on the regular, to create awesome content:  The best apps for social media management  One: Hootsuite  Hootsuite is probably the best known of the apps in this list. Our team uses the app to pre-schedule posts for Facebook, […]

How to get more Instagram followers

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Social media is always changing. But 2019 has been like the Twilight Zone when it comes to Instagram.  The API changes to the site have shut down mass following/unfollowing tactics that were popular before. That’s made it way harder to build a following.  So how can you grow your followers list without employing risky tactics […]

The Explore page on Instagram got revamped. Here’s how to show up there…

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The Instagram Explore page has always been one of the most coveted social media spots. It’s the place that new followers can find you when they search for hashtags, for example. Showing up there is key to growing quickly! Now that it’s been revamped, it’s even more desirable. But what is it exactly? And how […]

How to use user-generated content on social media

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User-generated social media is fantastic! So why do so few companies engage with it? Honestly, a lot of people don’t know what user-generated content is – or how to use it. So here’s the 411. The basics of user-generated social media content User-generated content refers to social media posts that users make. When talking about […]

Debunked: Instagram algorithm myths you’ve probably heard

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Lately, there have been a lot of Instagram algorithm myths that have worried businesses. Here are the myths and the truths behind the “algorithm” that determines your brand’s success on Instagram. Five social media myths about Instagram algorithms One: You must post every day This is one of the biggest social media myths. While many […]

How to grow your Instagram? Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 strategy

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Instagram – the holy grail of today’s social media. Everyone from entrepreneurs to CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies has been told that the key to success is an on-point Instagram game. For MOST businesses – not all – having a killer Instagram account is essential to your online marketing strategy. But how you build your […]