Social Media Client Feature: Umai Hot Dogs Canada

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When it comes to social media, bring us a way to make jokes about meat and buns coming together and we’ll create some true awesomeness! And that’s why we’re so stoked to be working with California hot dog chain Umai Hot Dogs. With Umai Hot Dogs opening their first Canadian restaurant here in Vancouver, we […]

How to choose the right SEO keywords for your website

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Building a website for your business in Vancouver? SEO should be at the top of your mind when you think about the design, the content (text, images and videos) and the types of pages you’re going to build. Doing keyword research will help you decide the best SEO keywords for your website. Here’s how to […]

A FREE SEO blogging template for you to steal

free seo blog template by legendary social media vancouver

Guys, finding free templates for the stuff you really need to use for your online marketing is HARD. I mean, everyone wants your email address in exchange for a template. That sucks. We want you to nail it when it comes to content marketing and SEO blogging. So guess what? We’re giving you our awesome, […]

Get better website SEO with ‘cornerstone content’

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have great website content. That’s because Google recently rolled out a new algorithm that helps sites with great content and quality links, and demotes those who use sneaky tricks to get ahead. It means good news for businesses that go about ranking on Google the ‘white hat’ way! […]

Best practices for H1, H2 tags for SEO

Your website’s performance in Google search rankings depends on a ton of factors that affect your SEO, or search engine optimization. One of the major elements that impact your SEO is the use of H1, H2 tags, also called Headers or Headings. These H1, H2 tags are used in the static content on your website, […]

A step-by-step guide for writing the perfect SEO blog post

SEO blogs improve websites’ search rankings and help your audience connect with your business Writing SEO blogs is an art and a science all at once. Blogging for most businesses isn’t about writing down personal thoughts or even just about telling a story anymore. Nowadays, thanks to the “content is king” epidemic that has flooded […]