The best social media platforms for consumer brands in 2022

Best Social Media Platforms 2022 - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

  Knowing which social media platforms best suits your brand is extremely helpful. It can help you maximize your brand reach on social media, engage with the right audiences and achieve your brand goals. These are the best social media platforms consumer brands should use in 2022:   Facebook Although usage is still high with […]

How to choose the right social media channels for your business

Social Media Channels - legendary social media vancouver

With almost 4.5 billion users in 2021, social media has become an essential part of marketing for many businesses. When properly managed, social media is a powerful tool to reach the customers you want, while deepening relationships with your current customers. And with new social media channels emerging left and right, it can be enticing […]

How to use Pinterest Trends to power up your marketing

How to use Pinterest trends to power up your marketing - Vancouver social media marketing

Using Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy? Well, then you know that keywords = king.  Pinterest just released Pinterest Trends: a search tool that will be insanely valuable to marketers and brands everywhere.  This new tool allows users to search for the most popular keywords within specific industries and see how well those keywords have […]

Should you be marketing on Pinterest?

social media marketing on Pinterest - legendary social media vancouver

Like every type of social media, Pinterest isn’t right for every business.  But it’s an f-ing game changer for some businesses.  So, how do you know if Pinterest is right for your company?  The types of businesses that can use Pinterest’s social media platform  Pinterest is great if you sell a product. That’s because, in […]

How to know which social media platforms you need for your business

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So you want to use social media for your business. But which platforms should you use? Not every business should be on every social media platform. You need to use the one(s) that are right for you. Rule of thumb: Choose the platform where you’re most likely to find your ideal customer type. If you’re […]