Seven ways to build a social media presence from zero

Starting a new social media account can feel overwhelming. How do you compete in a landscape where so many other users are already established? How do you get attention or followers of your own? Here are some tips to help you get started.

7 tips to help you build your social media

One: Look for inspiration

Before jumping into the social media space, take a look at what’s working for others! Pay special attention to those working in the same niche as you. What gets the best response from their followers? What do you like that they do? What do you want to avoid? All this research will help you clarify your own social media strategy.

Two: Identify trends

Social media has its own trends – and rides on larger cultural trends as well. Stay on top of what all these trends are and engage with some of them! That said, you don’t need to hit every single trend. Some of them may not fit with your business or brand. So be selective, picking and choosing the trends that are right for you!  

Three: Create a posting schedule

When you get busy, it’s easy to lose track of posting. Before you know it, you haven’t posted in weeks and the following you’ve been building has scattered. Avoid this by scheduling your posts in advance. That way, you’ll never have to worry about missing a post!

Four: Vary your content

Social media offers a wide variety of content options, including:

  • Pictures
  • Messages
  • Videos
  • And more!

Varying your content is one of the best ways to grow your audience. Remember to include videos as they have some of the best return on investment (or ROI).

Five: Advertise

Some people worry about advertising on social media. Does it really work? Is it worth the money?
Yes! The results you get can depend on your niche and audience, but advertising is absolutely worth a try. Start small and then, if you are getting positive results, expand from there.

Six: Don’t just make your account an ad

Nobody wants to feel like your social media account is just a long-running ad: people don’t want to engage with a brand that’s always selling, rather than connecting with its followers.
Make sure that, in addition to posts about your business, you also speak about related topics that interest you. That way, your account will feel personal and authentic.

Seven: Hire a social media agency

Social media can be time-consuming and, if you aren’t getting the results you want, frustrating. Social media agencies can take the work of social media off your plate, implement a solid strategy, track results and improve the overall performance of your social media accounts.

Six must-read social media marketing secrets from the experts

Companies are always looking for social media secrets! Everyone wants that magic sauce that will make their online campaigns a success. Today, we’re opening up the vault to share six secrets from social media marketing experts!

Six social media marketing secrets you need to know…

One: Go live

Live videos are wildly popular on both Facebook and Instagram. If you’re worried about needing professional quality, don’t. Users enjoy the authenticity of simple online videos or videos shot with cell phones – selfie-style is perfect. The most important thing is being real and making your audience feel like you are sharing your world with them. So grab your camera, make sure you’re somewhere with enough light for you to be seen, and get shooting! Behind-the-scenes and day-in-the-life type live videos do well with most audiences.

Two: Set up Instagram Action Buttons

Instagram Action Buttons are an incredible social media development! They allow users to engage with your business without leaving Instagram… and Instagram users don’t like to leave the platform. For example, if you add a “Reserve” button on your restaurant’s page, you can link the button to OpenTable, letting users book tables straight from Instagram. So what kind of buttons are available?

  • Call
  • Email
  • Text
  • Directions
  • Book
  • Reserve
  • Start Order
  • Buy Tickets

Need another type of button? Get in touch with Instagram and let them know! And note that Action Buttons are only available if your Instagram account is set up as a Business Profile.

Three: Set your goals

You can’t achieve goals you haven’t established. That’s why, before doing any social media marketing, it’s vital to outline what you want from it. Once you’ve set objectives, track whether or not you’re achieving them. Ask your social media marketing company how your business’ unique goals can – and can’t – be achieved with social media. Don’t forget to revisit your goals at least every six months to see if your company’s needs have changed.

Four: Tag

Often, companies aren’t sure how to tag others in their social media posts – or are afraid to tag altogether. But tagging properly can be very useful: if you have an especially cool post that you know certain followers with be interested in, tag them. You can also tag influencers to draw their attention to one of your posts.
Warning: Don’t get tag-happy, use tags sparingly and strategically. Accounts that tag others too much feel spammy and can cost you unfollows and unlikes.

Five: Schedule posts

It can be hard to remember to get to your social media posts when you’re busy with other work. It’s even harder to remember to post at the optimal times for each type of post and on each social media platform.
That’s where scheduling your posts comes in. Search the optimal times for the posts you are creating and the platforms you are using. Once you have those times, schedule a week or even a month worth of posts at a time so you don’t have to worry!

Six: Be relatable

People who use social media are often averse to content that looks and feels like an ad, especially if those people aren’t familiar with your brand. The beauty of social media is that it allows brands to connect on a relatable level with other social media users.
Storytelling is one of the best strategies to do that: Tell your brand’s story, and focus on the people behind the brand. You’ll build a stronger connection with your followers and greater brand loyalty. All that just for being yourself!