Pinterest for Realtors: Is it worth it?

Whether Realtors should use Pinterest for marketing and getting their listings noticed is a question we deal with often. Many Realtors use this social network to display their listings and interesting properties in their market, but what’s the return on investment?
Although we love Pinterest, it has its drawbacks. Getting traction on Pinterest for Realtors has gotten harder with time, as activity on the platform has increased. Pinners are less likely to follow you now than they were a few years back.
But is Pinterest a lost cause for real estate agents? Maybe not – there are plenty who have had great success with the network. The question is, is it right for you?

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before tackling Pinterest as a marketing venue if you’re a Realtor:

  1. How much time can I commit? Building a following on Pinterest is a long-haul game. Realtors can expect building even a small Pinterest following could take six months, to a year or even more. Getting to this point could require about an hour of your time, three to four days a week. Is that a commitment you can handle?
  2. Can I keep it up to date? Since listings don’t stay on the market forever, you’ll want to keep your listings board up to date in order to avoid getting calls from leads, but ultimately having to disappoint them if the house they like is no longer available. Keeping your listings current is a must.
  3. Do my listings generate interest on their own? Realtors in the luxury or unique homes market are likely to have better success on Pinterest, because the photos they pin from their listings will generate visual interest on their own. Photos of “average”-looking houses may not generate the same appeal.
  4. Will Pinterest result in buyer leads? As a Realtor on Pinterest, you should expect that the vast majority of repins you get on any photos of listings you post will not translate into leads – most of these repins will be from people who are interested in real estate and/or decor, and share your images for their visual appeal, rather than because they want to buy the property. That said, over time, efforts on Pinterest can pay off by becoming leads. Having your name recognized on social media (whether that’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) can result in leads calling you to buy or sell a home.

Like any social network, Pinterest is a long-haul game that can take more than a year to develop. Even then, there are no guarantees that your activity on Pinterest will become leads and eventually sales. However, done right, Pinterest can indeed result in huge success for Realtors – especially those with listings in the luxury and niche/unique markets.
Got questions about how to make Pinterest work for you? Or do you need someone to help make a customized social marketing plan to help you get more leads? Send us an email today!

Twitter for Realtors: 18 easy tricks that will get you more leads!

In an industry as competitive and fickle as real estate, being able to connect properly with buyers and sellers within and outside of your market is crucial to making sales and getting your name known.

Here are 18 easy Twitter for Realtors tips and tricks to help you master a social platform that so many real estate agents haven’t been able to properly use for their business.

Phase One: Set yourself up

Whether or not you’re already on Twitter, revamp your profile with these tips to create a basis for getting down to business right away.

1. Your Twitter handle: This is your name on Twitter. When people tweet to you, they use the @, then your Twitter name. Make your Twitter name something like JohnDoeRealtor or Realtor_JohnDoe so people know off the bat what your primary purpose is.

2. Your Twitter bio: Twitter gives you 160 characters to tell the world what it is you do. This is where you should hone your elevator pitch and write a short, descriptive bio that tells people a bit about you on the personal side, too. Here’s a great example:

Twitter for Realtors - Legendary Social Media

3. Your profile photo: This should be a friendly photo of you, not a company logo.

4. Your cover photo: Twitter gives you space at the top of your Twitter profile page for a photo. This is a great space to showcase something that’s important to you, or to communicate with people who find your profile. Consider hiring a graphic designer or a social media manager to create a high-res photo for this space. Consider putting your phone number in there, with a picture of homes or condos in your market, and maybe your slogan.

5. Your location: Be sure to set your location to your market area.

6. Keep your profile public: Having a private Twitter profile kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

7. Your website: Twitter gives you a space to add a link to your website. You’ll definitely want to use this space.

Phase Two: Start Tweeting

8. What to Tweet about: Live by the 80-20 rule. 80 % of your Tweets should be NON-SALES RELATED. Yes, we said it. Why? People won’t want to follow you if all you post about is real estate. Frankly, don’t eat, sleep and breathe real estate like you. The other reason is that Twitter, like all social networks, is about creating relationships. You’ll want to let people get to know you.

9. So, 80% of the time (approximately), Tweet about stuff that’s going on in your city: news, events, activities, etc. Add your opinion to things. Tweet about what you’re doing that day: heading to the bakery to pick up macarons for dessert, getting stuck in traffic, listening to your favourite tune while stuck in traffic, forgot your umbrella on a rainy day.

The rule of thumb is to realize that people on Twitter are people. Make friends with them!

The other 20% of the time, post pictures of listings and send out information about open houses you’re hosting. Send just a few Tweets like, “Looking to buy a house in #(Your City)? Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

10. Retweet and Quote Retweet: Retweeting stuff that other people have put on Twitter is a great feature: it lets you curate content that other people are tweeting about, and shows the original tweeter that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying. We always recommend using Quote Retweet, and add a comment or opinion.

11. Reply: Do this often! Twitter is about conversations and connections, and what better way to have a conversation than by replying to other people’s Tweets. By the way, don’t get discouraged when people don’t reply to your Tweets and comments right away. It takes time to build trust and relationships online, just like in real life.

12. Like: You can like people’s Tweets by clicking the heart-shaped button. This is a nice thing to do, but isn’t productive in terms of getting noticed and building leads.

13. Use hashtags: For realtors, use your city’s hashtags often in your Tweets. Do some research to see what other people are using. In Vancouver, for example, there’s #vancouver, #vancity and #yvr. You may want to use all of them. On listings, try #(yourcity)listings and similar hashtags. Using hashtags helps people find you on Twitter, because people search hashtags to find Tweets that relate to their interests. And you should do the same!

14. Invite people to contact you: Publish your phone number and email address, and invite buyers and sellers to send you Direct Messages on Twitter.

15. Use shorthand: Twitter only gives you 140 characters for each message, so it’s OK to use things like w/ for with, & instead of and, # rather than number, 2 instead of to.

Phase Three: What NOT to do

16. Don’t: Sell all the time. You’ll turn people off. If you were at a dinner party with friends, would you talk about real estate the entire evening? If you did, you wouldn’t make too many friends.

17. Don’t: Spam people. Don’t Tweet repeatedly to people to try to get their attention. You’ll get attention naturally by following the advice above.

18. Don’t: Go MIA. Check Twitter daily, even if you can’t Tweet all the time. You don’t want to miss out on messages and questions from possible leads.

Do you have your own tips for Realtors to make the most of Twitter? Please share them below!

Online Marketing for Realtors: Where to focus your efforts

In an industry as competitive as real estate, getting noticed is getting harder than ever. Despite so many marketing venues being available to you, Realtors like you know the value of marketing and advertising and are quick to jump on nearly every opportunity.
To stay ahead of your competitors, where should Realtors concentrate their advertising/marketing budgets to get maximum impact – the most leads, the most connections and the best return on investment?
The obvious answer is your website, but as you know, the SEO game is a long-haul match, and an expensive one at that. In this blog post, we won’t touch on Realtors’ websites (that’s a whole can of worms for another day) and instead, we’ll focus on external venues that bring business to you.
According to our in-house findings, here’s what the Legendary Social Media team recommends as the top online marketing platforms for max ROI:

1. Google Adwords / Google PPC

The beauty of Google’s Adwords is that your target clients find you. By setting up your Adwords campaign properly, with highly effective ads (including Call Ads – they’re unreal for Realtors and definitely worth a try!) displayed in the right locations at the right time, you’re bound to attract dozens of leads a week, all for a modest budget.

What you need to know

Budget: Market dependent. For a medium-sized city (about 1 million), start with an Adwords budget of $2,000 per month.
Pro tip: Use call ads for mobile users to make it easy for people to get in touch.
Pro tip: Review your ads frequently (several times a week) and compare the performance of one ad versus another to see which words work with your audience and which fall flat.

2. Facebook

As social media management experts, we see a lot of Realtors really miss the boat when it comes to social marketing. The fact is, the way we “sell” to people has changed, and the pushy tactics of last decade don’t fly anymore.
Thankfully, Facebook is the perfect platform for Realtors to engage in a different kind of interaction with potential leads. The key to success for Realtors on Facebook is providing value:
Don’t post only listings and real estate news.
Do post funny content, videos, events, helpful articles and other valuable content.
Also, be aware that the number of page likes you have on Facebook is virtually meaningless these days unless your page’s audience is insanely engaged with the content you do post. Focus your Facebook advertising not on page likes, but on boosting posts that provide major value to your target audience.

What you need to know

Budget: We recommend $800-$1400 per month for boosting posts
Pro tip: Having people stay “active” with your Facebook page is critical to having your content, including listings and open houses, seen. When you’re not posting listings, post articles and photos with questions that are easy to respond to like, “Who would you bring as a date to this new restaurant opening this weekend?”

3. Instagram

By following the same principles as Facebook, Realtors can be massively successful at turning audiences into leads with Instagram. Once again, the key is providing value. Therefore, your posts shouldn’t 100% featured listings. Post photos of home decor ideas, stuff going on in your city and, of course, cute animals (we’re half-joking about that last one).
What you need to know
Budget: $0 although Instagram now allows advertising
Pro tip: Make sure your contact information is in your bio, including your full name, phone number, email address and website. Also include this information in most, if not all, posts.

Do you use Twitter and/or Pinterest to market your real estate listings? That’s great! Many Realtors have seen great success with these two platforms as well. We’d love to have you share your success stories with other Realtors and professionals on how to maximize your marketing ROI.
Want to get into online marketing, but don’t have the time? That’s where we come in, to help professionals create a loyal community of fans by doing social and online marketing the way it was meant to be done. We’re a boutique agency that puts time and love into everything we do online. Contact us to tell us about your business and goals today.

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