The best social media platforms for consumer brands in 2022

Best Social Media Platforms 2022 - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

  Knowing which social media platforms best suits your brand is extremely helpful. It can help you maximize your brand reach on social media, engage with the right audiences and achieve your brand goals. These are the best social media platforms consumer brands should use in 2022:   Facebook Although usage is still high with […]

TikTok Stories test to mimic Snapchat

TikTok Stories to mimic Snapchat - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

  TikTok is the next social media platform to add Stories to its app. It might seem like a bizarre addition to an app that’s already based on quick videos with text and GIFs added on top. The idea is that adding a Stories feature to the app will allow TikTok users who aren’t posting […]

Is Facebook buying Snapchat? (Again)

is facebook buying snapchat - social media company vancouver - legendary social media

For the first time ever, Facebook this morning asked me to take a short survey. They mentioned it was for a “select group of users” (did you get asked to take it? I’d love to know) and I obliged. The questions in the survey got me wondering: Is Facebook buying Snapchat? What was in the […]