Social Media Client Feature: Trasolini Pools

We’ve loved working with Trasolini Pools since April 2017. Now, we want to intro them and the work we do with them. 

Our social media client, Trasolini Pools 

After starting out in 1983, Trasolini has spent over 30 years creating high-end pools, hot tubs, and water features. The company remains based in Vancouver to this day. Trasolini specializes in creating custom designed Gunite pools. These pools are the perfect blend of quality and luxury. That is why Trasolini is the pool builder of choice for celebrities and high-end developments on the West Coast, including the ARC Vancouver building and Trump Tower. The quality of their work is unparalleled.

Our social media work with Trasolini Pools

When Trasolini Pools came to Legendary, they’d been working with a marketing agency that just wasn’t delivering the content they promised.and was overcharging for essential services like phone calls. So Trasolini decided to move on – and we were delighted to have them join our social media client ranks! 

Since then we’ve built a great relationship with the Trasolini team. Over the past 3 years, we’ve helped the company with the following:  

One: Instagram

We handle Trasolini Pools’ Instagram account. Their pools, hot tubs, and water features are works of art. Because of that, we try to use as many of Trasolini’s own project photos as we can. To go along with the images, we craft sophisticated but fun captions that capture the company’s vibe. 

Two: SEO Blogging

Captions aren’t the only pieces we write for Trasolini. We take care of their Facebook posts and blogs for their website too. All the blogs we create are search engine optimized to make sure potential clients find Trasolini when searching for pool companies in Vancouver. 

Three: Website 

Trasolini Pools’ website design wasn’t able to be transferred away from their previous provider, so we created a carbon copy of it for the company to own without worry. 


Thank you to the Trasolini Pools team, especially Lori and Ed, for entrusting us with your social media for the past 3 years. We look forward to many more productive years to come! 


How to get on Page 1 of Google using social media

The coveted Page 1 position on Google is a hard spot to snag for your website. Earning kick-ass Google rankings is a competitive, high impact sport where few succeed and many end up with cringeworthy shiners.

Incredibly, people pay $10,000 a year or more in an effort to scratch their way toward a Page 1 spot for their business. But it doesn’t have to be that expensive.


How to get on Page 1 of Google with social media

Yes, you can, and it’s not difficult. But as with all too-good-to-be-true promises there’s a catch.

Know first that the Page 1 spot is NOT too good to be true. It’s real, it’s attainable, and we can and have made it happen.

So enough pussyfooting. Here’s how to get on Page 1 of Google, using social media.

Step 1. Identify your keywords

No matter your business, there’s a set of keywords that are important to you. These are the words people would type into Google to find your website. Let’s say you own a clinical spa in Vancouver. Your keywords might include “massage therapy Vancouver,” “spa Vancouver” and “spa treatments Vancouver.”

These keywords are what you’re going to want to identify and record.

Step 2. Create content

By content, we mean videos or blog articles that explain your business, as it relates to each keyword. This content needs to be uploaded to your website’s blog.

Step 3. Get your Google+ Business Page verified

First, you’ll have to create a Page on Google+ for your business. Here’s how to do it. Be sure to complete your profile completely, including adding your company logo or photo and adding a description of your business.

The next step here takes a while – as in, a couple of weeks. Within the Pages section of Google+, add your business to Google Maps. The next step will be to get your business verified. To do that, Google sends a physical piece of paper in the mail to your business location with a code printed on it. Often, that paper takes one to two weeks to arrive. When it does, navigate back to your Google+ Page for your business and enter the verification code. This will officially activate your Google+ Page.

Step 4. Post your keyworded content to your Google+ Page

This is seriously the last step, proving that this process is incredibly painless. And free.

Here’s exactly how to get your content to rank, though. Copy the link to the content you want to share from your website into your Google+ Page updates, kind of like updating your Facebook status. Write a description of what you’re posting. The description MUST INCLUDE the keyword you’re targeting.

Now go to Google and type in the keyword you used. Is your content there? It should be!

The caveat(s)

Like ice cream and fiery relationships, it doesn’t last. Google+ Pages content doesn’t necessarily stay on Page 1 forever, unfortunately. That said, Legendary Social Media has a post that’s been on Page 1 for over 60 days thanks to Google+. It’s just what we do as part of our awesome social media management service 🙂

Also, be aware that what’s on Page 1 is NOT your website – it’s the post you published to Google+ Pages. However people who click on the link and see your post on Google+ can then follow through to your website.

Finally, this doesn’t work for ALL keywords. Some words are very competitive and can mean your content won’t show up.

Post often for best results. Or let a pro handle it! Email us today!

Legendary Social Media – what’s that all about?

Between the multicoloured unicorn-pegasus logo and the bright pink accents on the website, the Legendary Social Media brand has something a little different about it. Call it cheesy, funky or just plain weird, we decided to take a different tack than many social media management agencies in Vancouver. We wanted to be legit to who we are – a team of unique, original individuals with a stellar skillset and a penchant for creating awesome stuff.

A rare breed of online marketing.

Legendary Social Media has the goal of creating legendary content, whether that’s graphics or logos for your website, engaging social media posts, fully functional and SEO-optimized websites, or SEO-friendly blogs.

Legendary Social Media: doing it right, every time

Our brand is NOT about rushing through your project to get it done quickly. In fact, our policy is to keep working until you’re happy with the product we deliver. Why? Because the Legendary Social Media mindset is that your success is our success. So when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Our business is making your business grow online.

We would love for your to check out the suite of services Legendary Social Media offers, but here’s a quick snapshot:

  • website design: SEO integration and submission to Google Webmaster Tools is included every time
  • social media marketing: we only use best practices for each platform to get you the best possible response
  • social media advertising: can’t be bothered to navigate the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn ads? That’s our forte. Let us design your ads and whittle your audience down to perfection for best results
  • Google PPC: need your website to be on Page 1 of Google? We create highly effective ads (up to 20% CTR) for your website
  • email marketing: reach out to your newsletter subscribers with emails that have high open rates and great sales-driven content
  • content creation: boost your website’s SEO power with blog articles that are written to catch Google’s eye, plus wow your audience with great, original content

Have questions about Legendary Social Media? We’re always happy to chat via email, phone or text. We’d love to hear from you!

10 reasons a la carte social media packages aren’t worth it

You’ve probably shopped around for social media managers for your business and come across quite a few with ridiculously appealing prices. Something in the realm of $200/month for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram management. For an extra $50, they’ll set up each of those platforms for you. And for another $20 a month, you can add Pinterest and LinkedIn.

It sounds too good to be true. And it is.

Every couple of months, someone brings me a proposal from a social media management company in Vancouver that offers seemingly great deals just like this and asks what’s the deal.

Our team has had tons of discussions about how companies manage this and even made some covert calls to find out more details.

Here are 10 reasons why cheap, a la cartel social media packages aren’t worth the money they’re charging.

  1. Copy-and-paste messaging is ineffective.

    You don’t use the same words or tell the same stories to your best friends as you do to your boss. The subtle and less subtle ways we communicate with the different types of people in our lives are amplified and become even more important with the public nature of social media. Posting the same content with the same content on casual Facebook and professional LinkedIn can make your business look amateur. Plus, studies show that hashtags and @ handles in your Facebook posts, ellipses and truncated content in Twitter feeds and Instagram photos posted directly to Facebook lower your chances of grabbing the attention of your audience. Why pay for posts that are essentially useless to you?

  2. They ignore the social part of social media.

    By their nature, social platforms are meant for having conversations and building trust and relationships. In real life, would you ever walk up to someone you wanted to be friends with, spout off a stat or a joke, and walk away? Why would you let a company do that for you on social media? Instead, your brand should be starting conversations, asking questions and posting content that entices people to engage with you and get to know your brand.

  3. They don’t encourage people to engage with your business.

    Because of the way that they “post it and leave it”, these companies aren’t giving your customers reasons to talk with you. Why have a one-sided conversation? On the other hand, two-way conversations build trust between your brand and your customers, and trust leads to sales.

  4. You run the risk of looking unprofessional.

    Spelling errors, poor grammar and tasteless jokes are suicide for businesses on social media. Working with an untrained, unprofessional social media manager is risky behaviour. We recommend hiring a social media marketing firm with a strong background in writing, business and social media best practices.

  5. Beware the hidden costs.

    Your business doesn’t stay the same every day. You’ll want to tell people about special events, sales, promotions and news. Don’t get stuck with social media packages that charge you extra for anything outside what they think is the norm. Instead, work with a firm that is as flexible as you are and wants to see your business succeed.

  6. You get what you pay for.

    Need we elaborate? Too many times, I’ve met people who have taken the cheap route with their social marketing and regretted the dollars they wasted. Your business deserves better!

  7. You pay for work you don’t need and miss out on work you do need.

    The nature of a la carte social media packages is that you don’t get to pick and choose the services you need most, and skip the ones you don’t. Don’t pay for Pinterest marketing if your customers aren’t on Pinterest. Working with a social media marketing firm that understands what your business needs and helps focus your efforts and dollars on those areas is always working in your best interest.

  8. They’re not there when you need them.

    On a pair of occasions, I’ve phoned one of these cheap social media package shops to inquire about their services. Both took 3 days to return my call. What if you were paying them and they posted content that embarrassed your company or didn’t align with your values? Would it be OK for that content to stay out there for 3 days? Not likely.

  9. You’ll be in bed with the Walmart of social media.

    These low cost shops are all about quantity over quality. They post quickly without much thought to long term strategy and how each post represents your brand. They often use scheduling software, meaning they spend just a few minutes posting your business’ content for the week, then they forget about you. For them, it’s all about what’s fast and easy, rather than what’s going to get you the best results.

  10. Personalized service? Not a chance.

    It’s always more fun ad more rewarding to work with someone you respect, who’s intelligent, connected and personable. That’s why your customers choose your business over others – they can relate to you! The same goes for the agency that represents your brand online – they should understand you and be able to tailor their service specifically to what you need. They should call to see how you’re doing and check in on your business.

Have questions? Comments? Post them below or email us!