The top 10 Instagram Reels we’ve made so far in 2022


We’ve been loving creating all types of content for our clients’ Instagram Reels page. Here are 10 of our favourite reels we have made in 2022! Check them out. 


1. Butter lettuce

What is one thing we love about Windset farms? Their Delicato® Butter Lettuce! With 21.5K views, 411 likes, 43 shares and 82 saves, we create unique content featuring Windset Farms® Delicato® Butter Lettuce because we know that’s what their community craves in their content (and their sandwiches!) These types of reels cater towards farmers, veggie lovers and families striving to eat healthy.

2. #WorldBeeDay

This incredible reel we created for Southlands Grange celebrates World Bee Day right in the middle of the Southlands community in Tsawwassen. This reel got 874 views and 8 shares. We absolutely adore this real because of its educational focus, as well as its beautiful imagery showing Southlands. The type of content we create for Southlands is for their community, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about urban gardening, nature and local events around Delta and Tsawwassen. 

3. Best french toast 

We had the best time capturing the best french toast at Dominion Kitchen + Bar in Surrey. In this reel, Bianca’s soothing voiceover explains why this french toast is amazing, but also the significance behind it. With 3,186 views, 92 likes, 16 comments, 91 shares and 15 saves, we believe this reel truly served its purpose by connecting with french toast lovers, foodies, and locals who are looking to try a different type of french toast. 


4. Unsupervised adult time

We LOVE this reel created for Coast Tsawwassen Inn! With 1,044 views and 6 shares, this reel engaged with those who just need a vacation, featuring our Content Coordinator, Linh, in her prime. Sometimes you just need some unsupervised adult time, and we have created the perfect reel to show it. We create content for leisure and business travellers, as well as locals! 

5. 5 things to do in your hotel robe

This reel we created for Civic Hotel is fun, energetic and silly! This reel got 463 views, really capturing what it is like to spend time in a hotel robe. We all love hotel robes, so why not have fun by doing everything in them! Civic Hotel is all about bringing joy to your hotel stay in Surrey Central, and we bring that to life in our reels. 


6. Late to work

With Legendary Social Media, we create silly and relatable reels our followers can really relate to. With 1,834 views and 3 shares, this reel gave our followers a laugh. We make reels that show our team, because we believe it is important to show who we are and what we do as a company. 

7. Bibimbap dishes

We create beautiful reels that showcase all of the fabulous dishes at Disco Cheetah. With 3,966 views, 217 likes and 9 saves, we know that the die-hard fans who love Disco Cheetah’s street eats are super engaged with the drool-worthy reels we create just for them! 


8.  Himalayan salt room 

We created this reel for Art of Sauna and Spa. With 3,365 views, 10 shares and 4 saves, this reel achieved our goal of showcasing how authentic and relaxing Art of Sauna’s facilities are. With various treatments, saunas and steam rooms, we create content that brings a sneak peek of what this beautiful spa in Burnaby has to offer. 

9. Anti-aging skincare routine

This anti-aging skincare routine reel made for The Facial Room is everything we need right now. With 1,067 views, 3 saves and 2 shared, this reel shows realness, authenticity and uniqueness by showing step by step how this routine is done. 

10. Behind the scenes footage (BTS)

We had to share one of our funniest moments yet! We created a reel showcasing what we go through to make images perfect at Legendary Social Media. We love showing our followers what we love to do at work – and yes, this means what it takes to get the perfect photo. We just had to show our fabulous Content Manager Michelle Hughes putting the hard work in. 

Legendary Social Media is on top of the Instagram reel trends, and we create specific and unique reels for each of our clients needs and communities. 


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