The Use of Social Proof in Marketing


Finding it difficult to turn your current audience online into clients?

They’re reading your blog posts, viewing your Instagram stories, liking your Facebook posts, and still nothing?

There might be one marketing strategy you haven’t done yet and I’m going to take a wild guess that it’s the social proof principle.

The social proof principle

If you’ve read Dr. Robert Cialdini’s best-selling book Influence, I’m quite sure that I don’t have to explain what this term means.

If you haven’t read it, social proof is one of the most powerful ways that can influence a person to do a certain action or to behave in a certain way.

As stated in his book, “As a rule, we will make fewer mistakes by acting in accord with social evidence than contrary to it. Usually, when a lot of people are doing something, it is the right thing to do.”

This explains why we are more likely to purchase a certain item when we see others – particularly celebrities and our friends – using the same item.

The purpose of social proof

There are two reasons why companies invest heavily in using social proof in their marketing simply because they know it makes them credible and people will be more secure with their decision.

  1. Credibility

The people who give us unbiased opinion about a product or service are the ones who won’t gain anything out of it. These are the people we should really listen to.

We rarely make a purchase just after hearing what the company itself has to say about their own product. Obviously, they would be biased.

Observe it for yourself. As consumers, it would take us reading and watching reviews before making a buying decision.

   2. Security

When we see others using and enjoying the product we’re eyeing, this gives us a sense that we will get what we paid for if we were to purchase it.

Needless to say, nobody wants to get ripped off.

Ideas on using social proof

Now that you know what it’s all about and how it greatly affects consumers. Here are five ideas shown in this infographic made with Visme on how you can employ the social proof principle to your marketing.

social proof infographic, social media vancouver

Incorporate social proof in your social media marketing

Do you want to reach your target audience in Vancouver with social media, and turn them into loyal supporters of your company?

Whether your business in Vancouver is related to clothing, food, furniture, or services, using social proof is an effective strategy that can bring you good results.

Let’s chat some more here so we can provide you ideas on how you can effectively utilize social proof in your social media marketing.


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