Twitter new rules released in a desperate attempt to suck less


For those of you who are following my blog, you’ll remember when I posted about how Twitter is dying. Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to hold on to the flocks of people who have, increasingly, been leaving Twitter for dead (this 2009 blog still rings true), Twitter announced some new rules to make tweeting suck less.

Twitter’s new rules

  • @soandso in replies no longer counts toward your 140 character limit.
  • neither do GIFS, photos or quoted tweets.
  • @soandso tweets that are NOT replies will be shown to all followers.
  • you can now retweet your own tweets (finally!).

Twitter wants to be like Facebook

Apparently Twitter is also exploring letting people post tweets of up to 10,000 characters. Plus, they changed their algorithm a while back that makes your Twitter feed more similar to Facebook’s News Feed.

Seems to us Twitter’s wanting to work more and more like Facebook does. And that’s likely because Facebook has really nailed it when it comes to showing people information they want to see, in a format that works for them. Twitter, on the other hand, is barely social anymore, in part because of annoying marketers who are all talk, no listen.

So, is it really Twitter’s fault that there’s a mass exodus? No.

Still, we at Legendary Social Media believe that while Twitter works wonderfully for some brands and can create really wonderful, social, profitable and meaningful relationships with fellow businesses, customers and clients, it’s on its way out.

Agree? Think we’re nuts? Let us know in the comments!

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