How is our Vancouver social media agency different?

When it comes to online marketing, we know there’s a lot of competition. In fact, the field has exploded in the last few years.

But the great thing about our Vancouver social media agency is that we’re as magically unique as our logo – the unicorn!

What makes our Vancouver social media agency different?

1. We’re here. Not our administrative staff. Just us.  

We believe in the personal touch, but not in the “I need an adult” way.

We have no receptionist. No accounting department, no hashtag-impaired account reps whose role is to pass on info to the people who can create your dream.

At our Vancouver social media agency, you speak directly with the person creating your content and so we can ensure your strategy is integrated into everything we create for you

2. You can reach a real human when you call

When we say we believe in the personal touch, we really mean it! That’s why our owner, Erin’s cell phone number is on our website.

Got an issue, a question, or an idea you want to hash out? You can always reach her directly. But for the love of god, don’t call her in the middle of the night.

3. You don’t pay for bells, whistles, or gimmicks

Sure, a fancy-pants office would be nice, but why should you have to pay for that? We proudly cram our team into a tiny corner of an old office so that more of your money goes toward what you need – really awesome social media management, including manual community management (read: no bots).

Plus, we’d never try to sell you on a service we don’t 100% believe you need. Because that would not be cool at all.

4. Problems are solved fast

The size of our team and our direct approach mean any issues that do arise are handled right away.

And we’re not talking about just shoving the problem aside and telling you we’ll deal with it later. We mean Erin will personally resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

You know what that means? It means when you work with us, you never have to worry because we’ve got your back!  

The most important thing that makes our Vancouver social media agency unique…

5. We give all the f*cks

We get that our Vancouver social media agency has a unique approach. Why are we so different?

Because we don’t just give a f*ck about about social media, we give all the f*cks. About your business. About your brand. About your money. About your reputation.

When you work with us, we’re genuinely invested in you and your business. That means we are 100% dedicated to giving you what you need to succeed!

Our Vancouver social media agency is here to help you. Just drop us a line and we’ll get the conversation about how we work together started!