Awesome new visual content marketing stats for 2016


The amazing people at HubSpot produced an article recently about the power of visual content marketing. Visual content is an aspect of content marketing that involves adding photos or videos to your text, whether that’s on your blog or the text on the static pages of your website.

Think about how you use Facebook. Are you more likely to look at and interact with your friends’ posts that have photos or video, or just plain text? For most of us, visuals are more engaging. They grab our attention quicker and keep that attention for longer.

The same principle applies for websites. Below are some stats about the appeal of visual content, and a few resources to help you start building visual content for yourself.

Visual content marketing stats:

Source: HubSpot

  • 80% : The amount by which your audience’s willingness to read your content is boosted, when you add coloured visuals.
  • 65% : The percentage of people who retained the information they read after 3 days if an image was paired with that info, versus 10% without visuals.
  • 94% : The amount of extra views that content with relevant images gets, versus content without relevant images.
  • 65% : The boost to your click-through rates for emails with a subject line that says “VIDEO”
  • 40 : The number of times your content is more likely to be shared on social media if it’s paired with relevant visual content.
  • 2.3 : The number of times more engagement your Facebook posts are likely to get if they’re image-based, rather than text-based.

How to create visual content marketing assets:

There are some great tools out there to help you create visual content for marketing your business, and the even better news is that most of them are free!

At Legendary Social Media, we use Canva. Others use Picmonkey, and for those who have Photoshop, it’s a great tool.

We recommend branding each of your images with your logo or watermark. That way, when your content is shared online, people will always know that it came from you.

You can check out our blog post called Tips for Creating Awesome Visual Content about some really great visual content tools that will help you create awesome videos, images and live feeds.

You can also check out this blog with more details on the importance of visual content marketing for your business, or comment below if you have questions or feedback!

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