We offer IG Reels & TikTok Content Creation



Due to popular demand from our clients and trends in social, Legendary Social Media now offers Instagram Reels and TikTok content creation!

That means that our team will plan, shoot and edit video content for TikTok and Instagram Reels for you. Here’s how it works… 

Why are Instagram Reels important?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, hosting millions of users each day. Currently, the company has taken a page from TikTok’s success and launched its own similar video feature: Instagram Reels

Since Instagram Reels are a new feature, Instagram has been prioritizing its use and offering more visibility for Reels. 

Instagram Reels were built upon the ever-growing trend of short and engaging vertical videos that rose to popularity with TikTok. Similar to TikTok, the Instagram Reels feature allows users to create short, multi-clip videos that can include sound, effects and music taken directly from Instagram’s in-app audio catalog. 

The Instagram Reels feature is the perfect tool for creating fun and engaging content to grow your brand. As a bonus, Instagram is also dedicated to prioritizing Instagram Reels by showcasing them more on feeds, the Instagram Explore page, and on its Reels tab. 

With the continuous interest in short vertical videos, there is no shortage of engagement growth you can garner through sharing Instagram Reels.

Is TikTok only for Gen Zers?

Nope! TikTok has millions of daily users — and that number keeps growing! 

Before Instagram Reels came around, TikTok was the main platform users would use to view short engaging videos. The platform has been the home of many viral videos, online trends and has even launched careers for content creators. 

With TikTok continuing to be a hub for online users, it’s a great platform for brands to gain exposure. It’s popular with a younger audience, but Millennials and Gen X users are signing up more and more each day.

The Legendary Social Media team knows how useful Instagram Reels and TikTok can be for social media growth. Currently, we’ve created video content for a variety of clients in e-commerce, beauty, food & beverage, professional services, and sporting goods industries. 

Our team focuses on creating content for brands located anywhere and provides content as per our client’s specifications. 

All of our content creation packages can be customized to your unique needs. Please use the quote form at the bottom of this page to request more information on how we can help.  

Make sure to check out our portfolio of Instagram Reels and TikTok content creation work!

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