Your new website isn’t getting the results you hoped for? This is probably the problem…


Getting a new website for your business, or even a first website, is extremely exciting! But a few months have gone by now and the flood of traffic you thought you’d see post-launch just isn’t happening. The problem could very well be related to blogs, even if you don’t have a blog page (ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a blog page, actually). And here’s why.

You aren’t blogging.

More and more, blogs are becoming the #1 most important element of your website. Here’s why.

How blogging affects your website traffic - HubSpot graphicSource: Hubspot

  1. They keep your site updated.

Google likes sites that get lots of love, attention and updates. Blogging frequently makes that happen, and Google rewards sites that receive constant updates with better rankings.

Here’s a personal example. When we first launched our sister website 11lettersfreelance, we didn’t have a blog.

Then, within two weeks of blogging three times a week, we shot up by three pages on Google, surpassing digital marketing agencies in the rankings game.

And, two weeks after having moved our operations to Vancouver, we were already on Page 4 of Google for “Vancouver content writer” – a keyword that has a ton of competition Nothing to brag about yet, but the point is, it’s working.

  1. They help you use keywords.

Keywords are the key to better SEO. And blogs that target important keywords are crucial to capturing new customers who will search specific terms in order to find you. The more often you write blogs that use the keywords your customers might type into Google, the more likely they are to find your website.

Blogging is hard. It’s time-consuming and requires a fair bit of skill and dedication in order to do it right. If your website needs some help with getting the right kind of blogs it needs to start performing better in search results, let us know – that’s what we do.

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