What happens when you ONLY post Instagram Reels?


If you’re on Instagram, then you’ll have noticed that reels are overtaking your feed, and static images are no longer the top trend for Instagram posts. 


Have you heard about Instagram’s new full-screen home feed test specifically for reels? That’s right: your feed might look completely different in the near future (if it doesn’t already. Can you say, TikTok copycat?). What does that mean for you? Here’s the scoop on how jumping on the reels trend can turn your Instagram account into a powerhouse. 


What happens when you ONLY post Instagram Reels for six months?

Instagram influencer Olivia Noceda tested this theory by posting only Instagram reels for six months, and the results were unbelievable. 


After six months, Olivia’s followers increased by 60k, which was a 75% increase in followers. 


In her test, she found that reels make it easier to connect with her community, and her engagement spiked! The connection between her and her followers became something she had never experienced before, and her reels brought her content and experiences to life. 


Key learnings from a reels only strategy on Instagram 


1. Focus on community growth 

How can you grow your community and how can you add value to your Instagram page? Community is extremely important when it comes to connection and engagement. When the focus is on going viral, your strategy might just fail. The algorithm is somewhat random, which doesn’t help when you want to engage your followers. Focusing on who your audience is and how you can connect with them on a deeper level, will actually help bring your audience in, and help them care about what you post. 


2. Know what your content buckets are

Content buckets, also known as content pillars, are three to five topics to focus on in your posts. Both the algorithm and your audience will thank you for your use of topics, because this helps categorize your content in a straightforward way to better communicate your brand or company values to your followers. Content pillars are also a great way to keep inspiration flowing when creating content. 


3. Use trending audio 

Trending audio is ESSENTIAL because it allows you to also plan through an audio lens. Trending audio gets popular because people love hearing it in reels, and it inspires content creators to adapt audio to a variety of different types of content. Our testing shows that Instagram shows reels that use trending audio more often than reels that use other types of audio.  When scrolling through Instagram reels, ask yourself if you could use a trending audio track for your own reel. Some great ways to find trending audio include: 


Later’s weekly Instagram Reels Trends page. 

∙ Bookmarking any songs that you are consistently hearing when scrolling. 

∙ Follow Reels tips accounts such as @reelstips

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4. Don’t give up

Posting reels can be tough, but it’s all about experimenting and trial and error. Failed posts are actually great for learning curves and developing your strategy. Posting will always be a learning process, you will find out what works and what doesn’t, and you can use that information for future reels and content creation. 

5. Know how long your reels should be 

Depending on your viewers, the length of your reel might differ. Generally, 6-12 seconds is a good place to start, as it might just catch the full attention of our audience. A reel can be anything you want it to be, so get creative with it! Text, music and transitions are a great way to make an exciting and engaging reel, but test what your audience likes. 


6. Add text

Current users of Instagram love to consume content as quickly as possible, and adding text to the reel is a win-win strategy, because you can write your main content in the reel, and have a short and engaging caption to support it. Adding a call to action in the reel is also a great way to tell your followers where to go next. When only posting Instagram reels, you are showing your audience exactly who your brand is, what your values are and what your goals are as a company. Stay true to yourself, and bring authenticity to each and every reel.


7. Experiment with your feed 

Start off slow, add one reel to your feed a week. It is important to consistently evolve your strategy by looking at what Instagram is changing, and what your viewers like to see. 


Legendary Social Media is currently evolving our strategies and staying on top of Instagram changes by creating various, diverse reels to engage with different types of communities.  


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