Why is it so hard to find trending audio for Instagram Reels?


Why is it so difficult to find trending audio for Instagram reels?


The audio we often hear in our reels feed doesn’t often pop up as our first available options when we’re searching for audio to add to our own reels.


Here are a few reasons why finding trending audio isn’t easy – and some solutions to ease the challenge for creators. 


Firstly, the trending audio we see usually comes from TikTok, which makes it harder for content creators to find original audio, due to lack of credit to the original artist. Secondly, Instagram doesn’t supply a list of trending audio, making it more difficult to access the popular audio you want to use. Lastly, articles on trending audio become outdated almost as soon as they’re posted, as what is classified as popular audio changes quite quickly, often within a day or two. 


Thankfully, we have found two key solutions to help find the best and most trending audio of the day. 

Find trending reels audio on Instagram’s @creators account 

The @creators account regularly updates their page, posting top Instagram anthems and trend reports, making it easy to find hot audio. Each report released will display the top trends for the week. Trend reports come out every Friday, so make sure to watch out for that weekly update! The @creators page will also provide you with “original audios”, which are great to use in your own reels! 


Another great way to find popular audio is scrolling through the reels page and looking for repeating audio. Instagram reels love repetition, so it will most likely show you exactly what you are looking for, and provide you with reels that use the best trending audio.  


Refer back to TikTok trends

TikTok audio usually starts trending on Instagram within a week or two, so it is a good idea to start from the source. Head on over to the TikTok Discover page to find all the trending audio there. Your account can be the first to start the trend on Instagram, which can help grow your follower count and views! 


Tokboard is another great way to find the top trending audio on TikTok. Instead of going through the TikTok app, simply refer to Tokboard for daily trend updates.  


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