You MIGHT be able to get customers to checkout via DM soon


Instagram has announced its newest feature: Buying and selling in Instagram DMs.


After several updates this year caused public outrage (and even got the Kardashians to chime in on their annoyance with the app), it looks like Instagram has finally released a feature that will get the nod of approval from brands, users and social media managers alike.  


One billion Instagram users are sliding into the DMs of business accounts each week and with the Instagram Shopping feature being used by more businesses and consumers globally, this update was a natural progression to the increase of in-app shopping. This update allows users to buy and sell directly in Instagram DMs, creating a smooth in-app checkout experience.


This feature is currently only available to business accounts in select locations in the USA, but if all goes well, we can expect to see it roll out in more areas soon.



Here’s how it works

iPhone screen displaying a conversation between a consumer and a business on Instagram direct messages (DMs). The business asks what size T-shirt the customer wants. The customer requests a medium. The business then sends them what they have in stock, which is three images of T-shirts with dogs on them. The customer asks for the t-shirt with a bulldog on it. The business then sends a payment request for the t-shirt.

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Eligible business accounts can start using this feature by visiting their professional dashboard and clicking “get paid in chat”. After entering a few personal details and banking information, you’re all set! 


Now when a customer DMs you, you can click on the $ symbol to request a payment directly in chat. 


The best part? Instagram doesn’t take a cut of the purchase, making it a smooth and cost-effective process for both consumers and sellers. 


Transactions will be processed through Meta Pay, which the company says provides anti-fraud monitoring, customer support and data security, providing a safe and protected purchase process. Customers can use Meta Pay across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 


Shipping updates and tracking will also be available directly in chat, making the DMs a one-stop shop for online shopping.



What we think


The option to sell directly in Instagram’s DMs is a win for small businesses. 


With 130 million users already tapping on Instagram Shopping posts each month, adding payments to DMs is also a great way to capture consumers who are already using Instagram to shop virtual storefronts.


This update shortens the purchase process, allowing customers to discover products, inquire about them and complete a purchase all in-app. Selling in Instagram DMs also allows brands to provide a more personalized shopping experience for their customers with the ability to assist in real time.  



How to increase your Instagram DMs


To make the most of this new update, you have to get more consumers messaging your business. 


Studies have shown that “72% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if it consistently provides them with a more personalized experience”, and personally communicating with them is a great way to do this. 


Here are a few ways to increase the number of Instagram DMs you get:

  • Using question and poll stickers on Instagram stories
  • Adding a “DM us” sticker to Instagram stories
  • Asking for consumer reviews or recommendations
  • Send DMs to loyal customers and new followers
  • Host a contest with a “DM us” requirement for entry



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