How to get verified on TikTok in 2022


The ever-elusive blue check on social media is just one way to legitimize your social accounts and on TikTok – it can lead to more views, plays and engagement. But how, exactly, do you get TikTok verified in 2022?


What is TikTok verification?


A TikTok verified badge is that little blue checkmark you see next to a username on the platform. Being verified confirms your account’s legitimacy and helps to combat accounts pretending to be you or your brand. This badge means that TikTok has confirmed the account belongs to the user it represents.


Why would I want to be verified on TikTok?

There are three main reasons to get TikTok verified:


1. Authenticity

That little blue checkmark automatically adds a layer of sincerity to your account because your followers know they are interacting with the “official” brand account.


2. Exposure

Content from verified accounts (both video posts and comments) tends to get shown to more people because TikTok knows your content is authentic.


3. Credibility

Trust on social media is not easy to get. That little blue checkmark gives you credibility, which means your followers are more likely to trust what you share and then share it with friends. This helps to increase your reach.


How do I get TikTok verified?


Unlike Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, there is no formal verification request process on TikTok and there is no way to submit your brand for approval.


TikTok has a dedicated team that looks at a number of factors to determine whether to grant a verified badge:

1. Is the account authentic?

Are you representing yourself or your brand accurately? Is the content you post genuine?


TikTok won’t verify an account that is a fan account, a spoof account or an account trying to be someone else.

2. Is the account unique?

Is your account the only account for your brand? Are you posting unique content to TikTok? Or are you re-sharing user generated content or videos from other platforms?


TikTok won’t verify an account that is reposting content from other users or other platforms.

3. Is the account active?

Are you posting regularly? Do you interact with comments? Do you watch TikTok videos, like and comment?


While there have been instances of famous people and brands becoming verified with little to no content posted, unless you are Taylor Swift or Cher, your chances of being verified with zero activity are mighty slim!


4. Does the account adhere to Community Guidelines and Terms of Service?

It’s important to play by TikTok’s rules if you want the coveted blue check. While a verification badge is not an endorsement from TikTok, they are very careful to only verify brands and people who are following community guidelines and not going outside the terms of service.


It’s important to follow the guidelines and terms in order to become verified and just as important to continue following guidelines and terms after you are verified. If you do end up with a verified badge on TikTok and you break community guidelines or don’t follow the terms of service, you may end up having that blue check taken away.


Other factors that may help:

Get verified on other platforms

A blue check on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can help prove to TikTok that you are worthy of a blue check on their platform. If you aren’t already verified on other platforms, it may be a good place to start, since these all have very clear verification processes where you can request verification.

Media mentions

Put the spotlight on your media mentions on TikTok, and when you are preparing for a media opportunity, mentioning your TikTok account can help too.


Every mention in the media is another chance to be noticed by TikTok’s verification team.

Go viral

Showing up regularly on the FYP can help you get TikTok verified. Look at TikTok superstars, like @kallmekris and @aliciamccarvell – both TikTok verified because they blew up on the platform!


Going viral is no easy feat – as more users join TikTok and create and post videos, it lessens your chances of ending up on enough FYP’s to get the attention you need.


But the best part of TikTok is that you never know what might go viral. It could be a video about lettuce, or a silly dance or how to pack a cooler. Posting often and regularly, consuming content on the platform and working with a TikTok digital agency are all ways to help your chances of going viral.


Do I have to be TikTok verified?

While verification on TikTok lends credibility to your account and can help with views, it’s not a requirement to succeed on the platform. We recommend adding a link to your TikTok account on your website, this allows followers to confirm that your TikTok account is the official one for your brand.


One important note: Do not ever pay to “get verified” on TikTok. TikTok will never ask for money in exchange for a verification badge. You may compromise your account if you sign up for services that guarantee verification. Scammers may try to fleece you for a several hundred or several thousand dollars – don’t fall for it! They’ll run away with your money, and will even hold your account hostage.


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