meet the team.

The trust we’ve earned from our clients stems
from who we are, as much as what we do.

Play Video about Erin Reynel, president, Legendary Social Media

erin reynel

president, founder & strategist

Former journalist and world traveller turned two-time mom and entrepreneur. Lives with a crippling coffee addiction, unrealistic marathon-running goals, and a spidey-sense for winning ad copy.

Play Video about Michelle Hughes, content manager, Legendary Social Media

michelle hughes

content manager

Queen of the meme. Lover of puns. Strongly believes there isn’t anything you can’t learn on YouTube. Consumes podcasts like nobody’s business. Enjoys creating captivating content and long walks on the beach.

Andres Torres, digital marketing manager, Legendary Social Media

andres torres

digital marketing manager

A not-so-secret superfan of Chandler Bing, avid foodie and data-driven numbers guy. Can be found watching Friends (again) on the weekends, or biking to make up for his foodie habits. Driven by data analysis and loves digging into performance metrics.

Play Video about Kat Timmins, photographer, Legendary Social Media

kat timmins


Avid roller skater. Lover of hats and bright colours. Will very likely break into song and dance once a day. Passionate about creating beautiful imagery, with an eye for detail and styling.
Play Video about Claire Roy, sales director, Legendary Social Media

claire roy

sales director

Believer that every business needs a strong online brand presence. Loves to learn about new people and businesses. Celebrates when clients win! Secretly wishes holiday decor could stay up year-round, mama of two sweet girls, juggler of life making it beautiful along the way.
Play Video about Bianca So, social media manager, Legendary Social Media

bianca so

social media manager

Volunteering powerhouse who embodies self-care and living with true purpose – daily. Loves guitar jam sessions and karaoke parties. Wouldn’t function without cringe-worthy reality TV and too much caffeine.
Play Video about Dayna Finkelstein, social media manager, Legendary Social Media
dayna finkelstein

social media manager

Your go-to source for the DL on where to buy top-notch baggy vintage tees. Can be found performing heels dance whenever she’s not supporting the city’s drag scene. Active intersectional feminist and talented photographer.
Play Video about Lisa Evans, social media manager, Legendary Social Media

lisa evans

social media manager

Good vibes only here! An internet pop culture fanatic with a severe distaste for city gridlock. When she’s not trying the latest TikTok DIY trend, you can find her chasing strangers’ dogs to pet them with a cold brew in hand, or honing her Bob Ross skills at the easel.
Linh Ha, content coordinator, Legendary Social Media

linh ha

content coordinator

Die-hard travel addict who hails from Vietnam and thrives on positive vibes. Self-professed foodie with a burgeoning YouTube channel about studying in Vancouver. Loves happy people, kids, exploring, and anything pink.
Play Video about Ivan Fernandez, intern, Legendary Social Media
iván fernández

content coordinator

Curious, adventurous and optimistic by nature. A strategic thinker, thanks to his history of creative event planning. Happiest around people who are motivated and active listeners. Hails from Spain, but has fallen deeply in love with Vancouver.